Drawn to “Rome”

Hello, and welcome!  Welcome back if you’ve been following the adventure!  If you’re new here, make yourself at home.  Get comfy, grab a cup of coffee or glass of iced tea and let’s chat.  I’m so glad you’re here!  I’m taking a break from older history to insert something sort of new today.  I just felt like I needed to get this out there so all y’all know where I am in my current spiritual journey.  🙂

After 40 solid years in the Protestant church, the Lord has drawn me away.  I seriously doubt that anyone in the world could be more surprised at this than me!  Becoming Catholic was absolutely nowhere on any of my radar, ever.  But the leading and hand of our Lord is unmistakable in this part of my life.  A half-dozen folks patiently and lovingly answered my questions, much like when a toddler begins to ask for the reason behind the answer you just gave them, ad infinitum.  I know they prayed for me, too.  I’m so thankful!

This is a journal entry from 5-28-14:
Why I’m drawn to the Catholic Church

Lots of reasons.

I love the reverence.  He’s so worthy!
I believe in the Real Presence of the Eucharist, and I need that.
I love the adoration chapels, where I can draw so near.
I need the accountability and humility of the confessional.
I need the joy of the spoken absolution, and the discipline (not punishment!) of penance.
I need the truth that there is suffering in life, and what to do with that.
I need more than a me-centric, ‘prosperity gospel’ that doesn’t work in so many parts of the world.
I love the beauty of the stained glass, the sometimes haunting music, the statues and icons.
I love the symbolism of color, ritual, sacred objects and vestments.
I love the contemporary Mass, too, with the familiar songs of the Charismatic Renewal.
I need the physical actions that express heart devotion and respectful reverence.
I love the crucifix, a visible and tangible reminder of His sacrifice for me.
I love the built-in disciplines of prayers, fasting, and good works that result from grace.
I need a church with a stable leader – not the latest splinter group under their own flag.
I need the succession of Peter, traceable and validated.
I love the communion of Saints – all those new godly friends and prayer partners!
I love learning about and having a way to express respect for Mother Mary.
I pray that my love for her will grow with my understanding.  (Love, NOT worship)
I need the truth that doesn’t change with society’s ‘norms’ – such as the Church’s teaching on:
birth control, sexuality and all forms of adultery.
I need the prayers and rituals that make me ‘own’ my sin and repentance.
I love the prayers and songs that give unashamed expression to lavish devotion.
I love that the Mass is the Mass in any language, culture, place.
I love the Scripturality of the Mass, and its Christocentricity in the Eucharist.
I love the church calendar that gives me the entire Bible each year, and
not just a pastor’s current pet topics, in monthly alliterated series.
I love that the Church calendar includes all 365 days, and not just 52 Sundays
with a few other days thrown in – Good Friday, Christmas, maybe Wednesday nights.
I love that Mass is celebrated all 365 days a year, and I’m free to attend all 365,
receiving Him daily in the Eucharist if I wish.*
I love having the sacraments – all seven of them – not just a couple of them.
I love the sacramentals and blessed objects which aid in my devotion.
I love the rosary mysteries and its prayers and chaplets.
I love the God-given authority in a priest’s prayers, and their ‘persona Christi’.
I love that even infants are welcomed, and not sort of excluded until some arbitrary
‘age of accountability’.
I love Pope Francis.  (Never ever thought I’d say that!)

*I was quickly taught that there is no Eucharist on Good Friday.  So, the 365 must be in a Leap Year, lol.


Now, for all my Protestant friends, I am not attacking the Protestant faith in any way, shape or form.  I am not discrediting or discounting it!  I am not turning my back on it!  I simply believe I’ve been led to a way to more fully express and practice my faith in the Lord Jesus, and am following that tradition.  There may be a blog post for each line of this entry, eventually.   For all my new Catholic brothers and sisters, please bear with me as I explore and learn the faith!  If I post something that is quite obviously in error, please correct me gently.  I’m eager to learn!  So, with all that said, Let the Adventure continue!


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