Fingerprints of God

Hey there!  Hope your week is going well.  I want to talk about God’s fingerprints today.  They’re all over the place, but sometimes we might feel like we need to be Sherlock Holmes with a magnifying glass to see them.  Grab your iced tea and a comfy spot to sit, and let’s talk!

In the midst of the darkest time of my life, in around 2004, I rebelled against God.  I mean, REBELLED.  Pick a sin, I probably did it.  Still, He never left me or let go of me; I was never out of the palm of His loving hand.  I broke His heart.  I screamed at Him in fits of rage, like an animal turning on its rescuer.  He just kept loving me through it all.

In all the marital strife and ensuing divorce, I was finally led to a wonderful attorney.  When I was in trouble later and needed a criminal attorney, he again  came to my aid.  He wasn’t able to ‘get me off’, because God still had His hand in the situation – being let off would have been disastrous to my life as a whole.

I was led to a wonderful Christian counselor.  He confronted me when I needed it, allowed me to come back after I’d stormed out of his office a couple of times, ordered me to go to AA.   He told me I was one of the strongest people he’d ever met.  That was also God, keeping me strong, keeping me alive.

The social worker who took my younger daughter away from me lied repeatedly, fabricating stories that the court would believe as fact; she also refused to talk to anyone who might have a positive word to say about me, but instead took every bit of malice and gossip as truth.   The fingerprint of God here was that the older daughter was still able to see the younger one – the case worker had initially said that would not be allowed.  We were desperately afraid of what might happen if the younger one was to be cut off from her sister’s contact and support.  God intervened, and the girls could spend time together.

I was led to a couple of AA groups who really believed that God is the ‘Higher Power’.  I eventually found a sponsor who took me through the 12 steps.  And the meetings themselves – daily and sometimes several in a day- kept me hanging on when I was most prone to end it all.  I saw God’s fingerprints there.

Somehow, my daughters don’t hate me – we are actually pretty close.  I call that a major miracle on so many levels!  Each girl has a different story from that time, but the fact that they even tolerate me, much less love me, indicates the hand of God was very active in the situation.  I’ve seen families who never spoke to each other again over similar circumstances.

The job I have is another one – in a very small office, working for men I’m convinced are angels in people skin.  They’ve been flexible with my schedule, understanding when I was upset, and came to my aid a couple of times- like boarding up my mother’s house after it was broken into.

When we needed to place my mom in an assisted living facility, we found ‘the one’, and the next day, they called my older daughter to interview for them at that facility – literally one day out of college, and she started work the week after her honeymoon.  Not only did it bless the daughter, but it made the move much less traumatic for mom.

For some emotional healing I’d been avoiding, He led the church choir director to pick a song that hammered my heart until I allowed Him to bring the healing I needed.

When I needed housing, He found me a brand new place in a subdivision going up on spec, with the most wonderful neighbors!

When I was most despondent through it all, he provided my dog.  You see, she was a rescue.  I couldn’t bear to put her through all that again, so I stayed around to take care of her.  Who rescued whom?  She definitely rescued me!

He’s  led me to various churches to get what exactly I needed at the time, even when I had no clue.  He led me to a wonderful retreat center within a 20 minute drive of my house, and a great mentor there.

When I was finally ready to put my relationship with Him completely back together, He sent…   Pinterest!  Yes, you read that right.  We’ll talk about Pinterest next week.   And hey – where are God’s fingerprints on your life?  Have a great weekend!







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