Like a Child

Hi!  Come on in, get comfy.  Got your cuppa something hot?  It’s a blustery, rainy day here today.  The pumpkin patches are open, with their field trips to the petting zoos and competitions to see whose parent will end up with the biggest pumpkin.  The biggest I’ve heard was a little girl who picked out a 55-pounder for her mommy.  Needless to say, a new rule was instituted in that family:  The child had to carry the pumpkin by themselves.  If you’ve ever been around kids much, you know they’re special.  They trust pretty easily.  They love without holding back.  They can be gut-wrenchingly honest sometimes, whether we want them to or not.  They will repeat anything and everything they hear – no matter who happens to be listening to them.  They get so excited about good stuff that they just have to tell you all about it.  They are full of wonder at the things around them.  And they are adorable, at least most of the time.  They can melt your heart with just a smile, a smudgy drawing, a wilted dandelion.  If they need help, they reach up with those little arms so we can pick them up and help them.  When they choose to curl up in your lap, it’s like heaven.  There’s nothing like a sleepy child curled up in my lap with that half-asleep dreamy smile on their face.  Has your heart ever just ached with love?

We are all called by the Lord to be like those little children, but how difficult it is for an adult to let go and be like that!  Our world seems to take special pains to knock the child-like-ness right out of us as quickly and firmly as possible.  I know twenty-somethings who are calloused, jaded and cynical.  How sad!

Jesus told us to become like little children.  He wants us to trust Him.  He wants us to love Him.  He wants us to come to Him with every boo boo, every skinned knee from a stumble, every hurt feeling.  He wants us to cuddle up and just let Him hold us so we can rest from the craziness of the world and the busyness of our activities.  He wants us to reach up for Him when we need help.  But how do we do that?

Prayer is where we can become the most childlike.  We can shut out the world and just talk to Him.  We can tell Him we love Him, we can tell Him if we’re angry or if someone hurt our feelings, if we’re tired or afraid.  We can ask for His help with anything at all – a relationship issue, a financial need, for help with a sin problem.  We can ask Him to heal our bodies or our souls.  We can tell Him we’re excited because the Chiefs and the Royals did really well this week.  😉  Prayer doesn’t need to be elaborate, all Thee’s and Thou’s with formal stilted language.  What would you think if your child waited to talk to you until they had a perfect grasp of English?  You’d think they were developmentally challenged if they remained silent until they had a master’s degree in Communications!

Humility is what makes it all work.  Humility isn’t thinking less of ourselves, as in thinking badly of ourselves; humility is thinking about Jesus more and thinking about ourselves less.  It’s about focus.  It’s about choosing honesty without fear.  It’s about not being self-conscious.  Read that again – ‘self’ conscious – feeling undue awareness of our words, our appearance, or our actions.  In essence, worried about how someone else will react to our honest ‘self’.  The Sacred Scriptures tell us that His perfect love for us removes fear from us.  Focusing on His love removes the fear of being with Him.

Close your eyes for a minute.  Now picture yourself as a toddler, reaching your arms up to Jesus.  Imagine Him picking you up, lovingly holding you close.  Can you feel His love?  What is your heart saying?  “I love you!”?  Just tell Him.  Enjoy the moment.  Now, is there something you want to ask Him?  Something you need to tell Him?  Something you’re excited about?  Worried about?  Struggling with?  Remember, you’re in His arms, He’s just holding you and loving you.  Are you worried because you’ve failed or rebelled someplace?  Just tell Him.  Ask Him to help you do better.  I promise He isn’t angry!  His heart aches with love for us, no matter what we’ve done or failed to do.  He can’t resist us when we’re curled up with Him, being totally honest.

This is me, tiptoeing out of the room so you can enjoy being with Him.  Come back to Him and do it often!  He loves His kids!


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