Family Circle of Life

Grab a hot cuppa something.  It’s very cold and rainy today, compared to what it has been.  It’s been a crazy week, too.  The circle of life was shown off in splendor.  Like I said, grab your cuppa, find a comfy spot and let’s chat.  About beginnings, endings, and the stuff in the middle.  And what’s next.  On Monday, my grandson turned 1 year old.  What a joy!  He’s a bright, bubbly, active, healthy, happy kid.  We just love our T.  Even the doc is telling his folks to watch out – this one’s gonna be a world changer.   Sort of like my aunt told me about his momma when she was about 2…   and my daughter is definitely a world changer.   She should be up to the challenge of raising the next one, even if he does think he’s Batman, lol.  🙂

Also on Monday, my 91 year old uncle passed away.  I have the most tender picture of him and my grandson from earlier last spring.  Two generations, gazing intently at each other, covered in the blanket I made to keep Uncle Kenny warm in the nursing home.  The blanket was of a print that spoke volumes about the life he had lived, and the future my grandson could have if he wanted it.  The blanket had International Harvester machinery on it.  It was a farm scene, with tractors and even a dog that looked like their beloved golden retriever.   Uncle Kenny was a farmer.  Born and bred, and good at it.  He loved the land, he loved the machinery, he loved his livestock, he loved his family.  Everyone who knew him also knew that he was one of the hardest working men around.  He was active in his beloved community, always on some committee or board or another; he was one of the founding members of the Ottawa Co-Op.  He wasn’t particularly religious, but had a solid relationship with God.  He had deep and strong roots – never living more than a few miles from the farm where he was born.

If you knew my uncle, you knew a treasure.  Well informed, thoughtful, strong in character, funny, full of love.  He had infinite patience with machinery and animals and children; little patience with foolishness.  He and my aunt were married 53 years.   Either of them would do anything possible to help someone who needed it.  When my mom became ill, her brother Kenny and his wife would drive an hour each way to come help me with whatever I needed – the house, with mom, or just the ‘stuff’ she had accumulated over the years.

I want to share with you the opening reading from my uncle’s funeral last Friday.  This piece says it all.   I like it even better than the song, “I Can Only Imagine”.


What Must It Be Like?

What must it be like to step on shore, and find it – Heaven;

To take hold of a hand, and find it – God’s;

To take a deep breath of cool refreshing air and find it – Celestial;

To feel invigorated, and find it – Immortality;

To rise from the care, the loneliness, and the turmoil of earth into an unbroken calm; and find it – Glory?!


This is the hope we have as Christians – that when we leave this life we go to a new and better one in Heaven with our Lord.  Uncle Kenny will be missed.  But somehow I think there’s a big party in heaven, as his family circle is complete now that he’s there with his parents and his sisters.  He will be there waiting for the rest of us.


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