Hey there!  Come on in, grab your favorite beverage and find a comfy place.  Take a breath and relax a minute.  What’s that McDonald’s jingle “You deserve a break today…”  😉

My grandson turned a year old this month.  Most of the other side of his family all call him “Batman”.  He has Batman clothes, a cape, and even has his very own Batmobile.  He’s a superhero, all right.  He crusades against boredom with his activity.  He’s able to turn the worst day around with that smile or giggle.

So, thinking about Halloween and Superheroes, someone asked me the other day who my heroes are?  Hmmm…  next to Jesus?  As I pondered, I actually came up with three.

King David.  Hands down, one of my favorite Bible characters.  I’ve learned so much from him!  His exuberant worship, and his reverent worship.  His humility.  His songs and musicianship.  Did you know he actually invented some musical instruments?  His heart of love for the Lord.  His (most of the time) obedient spirit.  Like when Saul was trying to kill him, and he got the drop on Saul.  What did he do? One time, he merely  took a spear and a jug of water.   Another time, he only cut off the edge of Saul’s robe; then he felt bad and confessed.  I love David’s trust in the Lord – even when his prayer was full of pain or righteous indignation, he always ended with “but God will…”  I love his prayer life – it seems the man was constantly talking to God.  And when he did sin, and in a huge way!, he knew how to pray a prayer of repentance from his heart.  Psalm 51 will probably always be my go-to prayer of repentance.

Second on the list is Paul.  Remember Saul of Tarsus?  Persecutor of the church?  One of the murderers of Stephen?  What a transformation he allowed the Lord to make in his life!  I admire Paul for his studies, his learning, his writing and teaching.  I admire him for his willingness to spend years in relative seclusion after his conversion to allow the Lord to speak to him and form his life and his theology.   I admire his great boldness, courage and tenacity for the kingdom of God.  I love his straightforward attitude, and yet he is so full of love for even those whom he had to sternly correct over some issues.   He demonstrates so well how to suffer with dignity and joy.  He shows us that following the Lord may be quite difficult, but insists it is always so worth it!

My third ‘superhero’ is Mary, the Mother of Jesus.  I cannot imagine being about fourteen years old, visited by an angel, then told I’ve been chosen to get pregnant with God’s Son.  I’d have a lot of questions, and probably a few objections – such as, “They’ll stone me for sure!  What about Joseph?  I don’t want him to think I’ve been cheating on him!  Or our parents?  How in the world am I going to explain this one?  Like I said, pregnant out of wedlock can only happen one way – adultery – and they stone women for that!”  Mary’s response?  She did ask one question – “How can this happen when I’ve never known a man intimately?”    Then she bowed her head, bowed her life, and said “Yes.  Be it unto me according to Your word.”  She was the woman chosen to raise Jesus as a child.  How does one ‘raise’ God?  How does one teach the Creator of the universe?  How does one instruct God in worship?  She remained by His side until the very end.  She was there when He was lost in Jerusalem, teaching and learning from the elders in the temple.  She was there at Cana, encouraging Him to do whatever He needed to do for the couple being married.  She was there, telling the servants to “Do whatever He tells you to do.”  She was there as He taught, she saw the miracles, and she was there as He died on the cross – she didn’t run away, she didn’t faint, she didn’t wail.  She ministered to Him – with her prayers, with her comfort, with her presence.  She willingly gave Him up to the mission His Father had sent Him to complete with no qualms, no resistance; suffering unimaginable pain and grief, yet without complaint.  She was there for His resurrection, His ascension, and at Pentecost when the Spirit came.

Those are my top three, as I said, next to Jesus.  He’s my ultimate Superhero!  So, who are your superheroes?  What admirable traits to they have that you can imitate?  What characteristics can you work to incorporate into your life?  Who knows, you might end up being someone else’s Superhero!


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