Advent Joy!

Hey there!  Glad you’re with us today.   Hopefully you’ve been able to slow it down a tick and enjoy the season of Advent at least a little bit this year.  It’s really hard in our society, but it can be done.  And slowing down can lead us away from the frazzled holiday atmosphere, and lead us into His peace.  I promise it’s well worth the effort!

Today puts us nearing the final week of Advent.  The color this week has been  ‘rose’ for joy!  I want to take a few minutes and share a couple of really excellent resources that I’ve run across.  A couple are recent blogs that have shown up on my Facebook news feed.  Yep, electronic media again – hey, you’re reading this electronically, right?

One of my favorite resources this year is my “Jesus Be In My Christmas Book”, by Sarah Hornsby.  It’s still available on Amazon here.  This book has short morning and evening devotionals for the entire season of Advent, no matter how long the season runs due to the way the dates fall on the calendar.

There’s a great post on “The Silent Grace of Advent” here, and “How to Advent” here.  It may take a minute to load, and you may have to wade through a commercial or two, but it’s so worth it for either of these posts!

So why rose, and why joy?  The waiting is half over, and He will be here soon!  Actually, by this time next week, Christmas Day will be over, and we will be into the 12 Days of Christmas.  No, not the song, but the celebration of Christmas as the Church does it – with 12 days of celebration that BEGIN on December 25, not end on that day!

This post will be intentionally short.   Even if you haven’t even started trying to do Advent, it’s not too late.  The entire point of Advent is to get quiet, realize we need a Savior and wait for Him with longing expectancy.

If you haven’t started your own Advent observance, why not try this.  Find a quiet spot.  If you have a candle you can light, do that, asking that the Light of Christ will come into your heart.  Then be bold, and ask Him what He wants to give you, or set you free from.  Or, ask Him what you can give Him for Christmas this year… that’s always a good one when I have the courage to pray it.  Just take a couple of minutes.  This isn’t an hour long thing.  It’s just a simple time to get quiet and listen and wait to see where He will come into your life.

Maybe you want to consider Mary’s ‘Yes’ to the Lord, and see how you can mirror that Yes in your own life.

These are all mere suggestions; the key is to get into His presence, get quiet, and wait on Him expectantly.  He will come.  He always does.

As always, if you sense a need or desire for some spiritual counsel, seek out a priest or a pastor.  They will be more than happy to listen and help you work through whatever may surface for you.

That’s all for today.  Go just be with Him, longing for Him, waiting for Him, saying Yes to Him.  Advent – He’s coming!


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