Hey there!   Hope you’re all doing well!   Grab a cuppa something, find a comfy spot and let’s relax a minute.  Instead of a New Year’s Resolution, let’s do some good old-fashioned day dreaming, okay?  I think as adults we’ve pretty much decided that daydreaming is a thing that only kids do, and usually when they ‘should’ be doing something else.  Honestly, I disagree!  The most productive folks in the world were often the ones with the most dreams.

Where did the light bulb come from?  The computer? Our advanced cars?  How about the airplane?  Yep – Orville and Wilbur Wright had a dream that they worked hard to bring to material reality.  What about the humanitarian arena?  I think of Mother Teresa – she had a dream of helping the poorest of the poor.  Some would argue that she didn’t accomplish much, we still have the poorest of the poor; I would say that she accomplished a great deal.  Being a lone woman, she mobilized armies of caregivers and loved those most difficult to love.

Dreams can’t be measured by their ‘effectiveness’.  Dreaming can’t be measured by their practicality, either.  How practical was landing a man on the moon?  Maybe not very.  But so many good things have come as a result of that dream.  Advances in technology, communications, materials, even food.

What sort of things do you dream about?  World peace?  A cure for disease?  Or something more personal – a cruise around the world?  Or that the wayward child would come home?  Or…  ???

The other part of dreaming is planning to implement the dream.  Someone had a dream of building a retreat center where people could encounter God and be refreshed.  A place where they could pull back from the ‘dailies’ and just relax with time to reflect, to pray, to read and study, to walk in nature.  A couple of times, property was nearly purchased, but the deal soured at the last minute.  The dream waited… and waited…  until finally one day a suitable piece became available for re-purposing, and it was purchased.  Then, with lots of help and really hard work – I mean ‘roll up your sleeves and sweat’ type of work – the dream became reality.   This is a composite story of several people, but there is actually a retreat center up and running.

Let’s say you wanted to cure cancer.  What would that look like?  Would you need to study?  Would you need to move to a different location?  Would you need to be aggressively involved in grants or fundraising?  Would you need to meet people in the field?  What concrete steps could you take to make that dream a reality?  Or at least pursue that dream?  There are always practical things that go with dreaming, once we have the dream.

Many times, a dream will be shaped as it is pursued.  Let’s take that dream of curing cancer.  Maybe in your studies, you learn something that leads to a cure for a different disease altogether.  Maybe you learn something that leads to a much better diagnostic or detection tool.  Would that be okay?  Of course it would!  But if you hadn’t pursued the dream to begin with, that discovery would never have been made.

Maybe your dream is personal – maybe you just want that wayward child to come home.  You’ve tried everything – begging, pleading, threatening, not speaking, praying.  Maybe it’s time to take that dream to the Lord and let Him show you how it works.  Maybe He needs you to forgive that wayward one, then simply love them.  Maybe they will refuse your initial efforts.  That’s okay.  Keep dreaming, loving and praying.  There will be fruit from the dream.  One lady started an international ministry to distraught parents of children who chose the homosexual lifestyle.  She’s helped many, many people.

The other part of a dream is having the courage to pursue it.  The courage to do the different thing.  The courage to follow your own heart, the Lord’s leading, and step up to the plate and take a swing.  Dreams aren’t concrete.  They aren’t secure.  They aren’t practical, at least on the surface.  They involve risk, faith and hard work.

So, what are your dreams?  What’s holding you back from pursuing them?  What steps can you take toward making them happen?  Start by writing it down.  Make the detailed written plans.  Keep them in a journal someplace.  Pull it back out when another inspiration comes in relation to the dream.  Keep writing, keep dreaming.

Need someone to bounce it off of?  You can always find a pastor or priest.  They may have some good advice on people to contact to get started.

Go ahead, dream!  Then pray, and don’t be afraid to pursue them!



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