De-‘Stuff’ing: Help Wanted

Hey there!   This is going to be a really short post!  You can grab a cuppa if you like, find a comfy spot and relax, but I’m not going to talk long today.   I have a question, so all y’all are actually going to write this post with your comments.

I’m looking for advice.  What’s the fastest/easiest/most effective way to declutter and thin out your ‘stuff’?   Remember we talked about stuff and detachment awhile back.   I look around, now that Christmas is over, and I have waaayyyy too much stuff (not nearly all of it related to Christmas, lol) 

What essentials do you keep?  Anybody out there military and moving all the time so you know how to live with less?  What sorts of things do you routinely purge so you don’t have to move them?

Anybody out there live in a very tiny space, so you know what the absolutes are?

Anyone have a favorite method of dealing with papers?   Or the inevitable junk drawer?  Or the bathroom?  How about books?

I thought about boxing most of it up and labeling it really well, putting it in storage for a year, and only take out what I actually use during the year.  I could use my basement so I don’t have to pay for a storage locker.

One thing I will say:  A garage sale absolutely will not happen.  Way too much work, and I never make much, anyway.  I’ll happily donate.

When do you keep something just because great-aunt Bessie had it originally and it’s been passed down and passed around and now it’s yours?  Or when is it okay to get rid of it?

Okay, ready?   Go!  Let’s hear what all y’all do to


One thought on “De-‘Stuff’ing: Help Wanted

  1. Get a kindle & get rid of the books. You can pay for books through Amazon (kindle editions are cheaper) & you have 1 book instead of a hundred.


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