Stalk Your Dreams

Hey there!   How’s everybody?  Got your beverage of the day?  Great!   Lets find a comfy place and take a load off.  I’m still trying to recover from the holidays – and live the adventure!  I think a lot of folks were a little surprised at the direction my adventure took over the past six weeks or so.  I guess I had some secrets that folks didn’t know about. 

How about you?  Is there some secret love in your heart that is just hidden away, waiting for… ???

Why keep dreams hidden?  Why keep things you love hidden?  I saw a thing the other day on Facebook, by a local truck accessories retailer, of all places.  It said this:

Don’t just chase your dreams.  Stalk them.  Hide in the bushes.  Follow them around.  If your dreams aren’t seriously considering a restraining order against you, get busy.

Then I began the quest for the author of the quote, and found this:   “Quite possibly the best advice ever on following your dreams” (click here.)  Go to the ‘about’ section of the blog, and she says this:  “Why is this blog called You Can’t Hide the Spark?  Because if you have a spark inside you (a book, a painting, a song, a business idea), you can try to ignore, like I did. But it won’t go away. It will keep biting you on the arse until you release it… And trust me, that reeeeeally hurts.”

So, what is your secret desire?  If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?   If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?  If you could be anyone on the planet, who would you be – and this is you we’re talking about, not a clone or carbon copy of someone else!

It doesn’t matter if the rest of the world thinks you’re crazy.  It doesn’t matter if your friends don’t understand.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the finances, or the education or the _______.   Just nurture that desire in your heart.  Fan those flames, and then find some ways to at least get close.

I found a beautiful retreat center nearby where I could spend hours in prayer.  For me, that was a dream, albeit born of desperation at the time.   I got acquainted with the folks who run the place, and found I had lots of ideas of things that I might be able to do to help.  I spent more time, and got more involved.  Finally, I took a job there.  I actually start today, the day this blog is released!  That was the real dream come true.

But that was MY dream.  What’s yours?  I have one friend who wanted to be an interior decorator, although they were an accomplished church musician.  They’ve now done both.  I know another couple who spent many years in itinerant ministry, traveling and preaching the Gospel to all who would listen.  I have friends who travel in their motorhome in the winter, and who worship and serve in a church in a tiny Southern town each weekend.  I have a friend who recently became a published author of their first book.  I have another friend who began leading Christian Pilgrimages after going on one of their own.  Another couple I knew traveled in their motorhome to give weary pastors a respite from their labors – these folks preached and led the music for a couple of weeks so the pastor and their family could have a season of rest.  One friend has acreage and cabins and opens it up for a few weeks every summer as a sort of Christian camp.  One acquaintance opened a restaurant.  One started a lawn care business, one was able to become a ‘stay at home grandma’.  One friend started a medical missions group, then opened several clinics in their city for the poor and under-served.  Another couple started a church.  One gentleman began teaching a 12-week evangelism class at church which became so popular, they now run several sessions a year.   I have another friend who left the commercial art and sign industry to become an art teacher.  I know a couple who were both art teachers, who built a cabin in Colorado for themselves when they were headed toward retirement.

If your dream involves missions/ministry type work, there are many organizations who would love to have you for anyplace from two weeks to two years.  If your dream involves teaching, there are lots of places to plug in – ESL programs, kids programs, mentorship programs.

Okay, I’ve chattered on long enough.  Get dreamy, love your passion and pursue it.   Read a book on it, take a class, talk to others who do what you love.  But do something!




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