Living Color

Hi there!   How’s everybody doing today?   Hopefully the weather is decent and the sun is shining…  it’s dark as I write this and we’re expecting snow in a couple of days.  It’s chilly here tonight, so grab a cuppa something warm and find a place to get comfy.  I’m fixing to jump on the ’50 Shades of Grey’ bandwagon…  Like I said last time, February is a month traditionally associated with love.   And we talked a little about what that really meant.   Not a piece of chocolate in sight, lol.  More about respect, courtesy, patience, what’s best for the other person.   So why all the hype about these books and this movie?  My personal opinion?  The shock value, the sheer rebellion of it.  The daring, risky, ‘look at me!’ value.

I’ll be the first one to say I have not read the books, nor have I seen the movie.  I don’t intend to.  Not because they are ‘evil’ or ‘sinful’.  Not because a friend of mine (20-something) forbade me to read the books, knowing that I ‘wouldn’t appreciate them’.

I would simply rather live in color than ’50 shades of grey’.   I would rather feed my soul with life and light than darkness and pain.  I have a choice of a movie or a book to read.  I don’t have to do ‘what everyone else is doing’.   I can be unique – I can choose to be an individual, with my own radical thoughts and opinions.   I want to watch things that will feed the good in me.  I want to read things that inspire me to be better than I am now.  That doesn’t mean I don’t like a movie that’s outside the “Bells of St. Mary’s” genre.   I like a good action movie, especially with cars or pirate ships.  😉

People say Christianity is boring, colorless, full of impossible rules and headed up by a God who’s always on the verge of throwing a lightning bolt at us.  I totally disagree!   True Christianity – and not just bland religion that some would pass off as the real deal – is not boring.  When was the last time you spoke directly to the creator of the Universe?   Now that’s exciting!   When was the last time you saw real, honest love portrayed in the media?   Read through the Gospel of Mark or John.  Watch Jesus – outsmarting the religious ‘government’, feeding thousands with a couple of catfish and biscuits, forgiving His friends for participating in one of His worst nights ever.  Watch Him as He willingly allows Himself to be arrested, beaten and finally killed to take the rap for someone else’s crime – I believe it was mine.  (And yours.)  Want to see a spine-tingling action film, with a real hero and almost unbelievable love story?  Try “The Passion of the Christ”.   Really.

True love and real joy go hand in hand.  True love gives, it does not demand everything for ‘me’.  It serves, it doesn’t try to control.  True love brings peace and joy.  Have you ever watched a child open a present?   Do you remember how happy you felt at that moment, simply watching their delight?  True love is like that.   It can be exciting because it’s all about the other person’s well-being.  Sometimes real love takes guts and strength.

All of the reviews of 50 Shades I could find were negative; many of them called the movie ‘boring’.  It would appear that even our society knows that sex and control without real love is uninteresting.  From the angle of pain/control, which apparently some folks find exciting, I could draw a parallel.  Stick with me for a minute here.  When was the last time you ‘suffered’ for love – for someone else’s well-being?  When was the last time you bit your tongue, or even better, spoke positively, instead of criticizing?  When was the last time you chose not to retaliate against someone who had hurt you in some way?   When was the last time you were really there for someone who was going through a difficult or painful circumstance, especially by supporting them without criticizing or blaming the one who had hurt them?  When was the last time you gave up anything that you value for the good of someone else?  My opinion, my ‘right’ to be treated the way I want, my time, my money, my ___.   The real control is self-control.  Try that one sometime.

Want to hear a professional psychiatrist’s take?   Click here.

So, are you living a life that seems to be in shades of grey?  Wanna ‘spice it up’ a little?  I challenge you to try authentic Christianity.  Read the Sermon on the Mount and try to live it.  I dare you.  You can find it in Matthew chapters 5-7.   Need some help with all that?  Find a pastor or a priest.  They can help you find the Living Color in life!




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