Christmas Cards in February

Hi there!   Grab a cuppa something warm – it’s still cold here as I write this, but the weatherman thinks it will be in the 50’s by the weekend.  We’ll see.   Find a spot to sit a minute and relax, and I’ll tell you a funny story.  It’s been a wild couple of weeks, including a Lenten project that went sort of sideways.  It involves Christmas cards…  You ready for this one?  Here goes.  Back at Christmas time, I saved all of the Christmas cards I got from folks.   I carefully cut out their return addresses from the envelopes and taped them to the inside of the card they sent, so I’d have the address handy.   So far, so good.

Then, when Lent began, I took a few cards at a time and prayed for those people specifically, intentionally.  I took my time and really prayed for them.   Then, I sent them a card to let them know they’d been prayed for that day.   So far, still okay…  except…

Well, the cards I had on hand to send back were Christmas cards.  I thought it was humorous to answer a Christmas card with another Christmas card, even though it really didn’t have anything to do with Christmas this time.  I printed out little insert cards to tuck inside each one and explain why they were getting a “Christmas” card in February or March…  it made sense to me.

This is what those little insert cards said:

You sent me a card at Christmas.

I kept it as a reminder,

and today,

I prayed for you and your family.

Blessings to you and yours!


I even took the time to write a personal note inside each card front.   Apparently, I have an odd sense of humor.  (My kids do NOT need to add a comment for this post, lol.)  Instead of seeing the humor I intended, I keep getting notes and e-mails thanking me for the “Christmas Card”.   Nobody has mentioned that the reason for the card was to let them know they were my special prayer intentions that day.  I’m not sure if this was an epic fail, or what.  The joke’s apparently on me, lol.  I’m laughing.  All y’all may be sitting there scratching your heads, puzzled at what’s so funny.   It’s okay.  God made us all different.

I still think it’s a great way to remember to pray for those friends and family members I love.  I’ll do it again next year, too.   But I might find some other way to let them know – maybe have some postcards printed that just say “I prayed for you today.”

What about you?  Could you use some prayer for things going on in your life?  Do you have a family member or friend you can call up and just say, “Hey, pray for me, please, about __________.”   Maybe there’s somebody at church you know is a real prayer warrior, and they’d be glad to pray for you, or with you, if you’d like.   But what if you really don’t think you have anyone to pray for you?

Find a pastor or priest.  I know, same advice every blog post.  But it’s still true.  Not only can they pray for you or with you, but I bet they can help you find a prayer partner for the long haul, as well.  I met my best friend at a ladies’ group when we traded names to pray for one another.  We’d been attending the same church for several years, but hadn’t officially ‘met’ until I got her name.  Since that day, our spiritual journeys have been drastically different, but we’re still prayer buddies, shopping buddies and “how can I help?” buddies.

So, what sort of things do you use to help you remember to pray?   Lent is a great time to add to our prayer life.  If you have some really great things you do to remind you to pray, post a comment.   And if your Lent isn’t going quite the way you had envisioned, be encouraged – you’re definitely not alone.   It’s okay.  Just keep trying.  Easter is coming!  🙂


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