Be to Do

Howdy!  How’s everybody today?   Hopefully y’all are doing just fine!  It’s been a rainy day, a good day to grab a cuppa something warm and find a spot to relax.  In fact, I want to talk about relaxing and how to know who we are at our heart.  If someone asked you, “Who are you?” you’d probably state your name.  If they pressed the question, you’d likely start listing the things you do. Ladies would list stuff like, Mom, wife, business executive, church member, grandma.

Why is it that when we attempt to define ourselves, we start listing the things we do?  We’re all unique, yet we insist on defining ourselves by our perceived productivity.  To take the list above, nearly any woman could fit into those roles.  There is no uniqueness there, no real essence of the person there.  So often, we feel that to be valuable, we need to be busy and productive.  There must be measurable output of some sort to give us validity.  We somehow believe that from doing flows being, so our activity defines us.

Christ shows us a different way of life, a way that goes against the current. First I have to be. Then my doing will flow from my being. Christ says again and again: I am the Son of my Father. Now I will act accordingly.
Christ´s great peace comes as a consequence of meditating on and living out who I really am. When I meditate, I discover that I am God’s creature. Suddenly, I find the strength to face reality that life is imperfect, and I am imperfect. What is perfect is God’s love for me.  When I really ‘get’ this, others will be unable to exploit me, and I will stop exploiting others because I am – and they are – children of God. My dignity derives from this fundamental truth: I was created in God’s image and likeness.  I came from God, and he is inviting me to return to him and be happy with him for all eternity.

I’m going to keep this post really short.  My worth doesn’t depend on the length of the post, or the wisdom I may or may not have shared.  I’m going to go listen to the rain storm that in full swing just outside my patio door, and stand in awe of the Creator, and whisper, “Daddy”.  Go take some time yourself and just let Him love you and be near to You.  Just be.  He is the eternal I AM.


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