Too Busy!

Hey there!  I realize I’ve missed a post or two lately, mostly because I only have 24 hours in a day, and only one of me.  So grab a glass of something icy cool (it’s been in the upper 90’s this week!) and find a shady spot, or even better, a comfy spot in the air conditioning.  Yeah, I know.  I’m a wimp.  But hey, I’m cool!  (Pun intended, lol.)

So, I’m sitting here, 5 sleeps away from an international trip.  I’m also 5 sleeps away from having less than enough time to get my part done for publicity of an event at the retreat center.  In the next 4 days, I have three appointments, my job at the retreat center, all that stuff to do before I leave- like packing and finding my electric travel adapter thingy, singing a new set of music at Mass, a graduation party, an evening to babysit my grandson (that’s NO problem!).  In the past two weeks I’ve had numerous appointments, meetings, dinners, lunches and the like.  My carefully color-coded calendar looks like one of those paint spinner toys that kids play with.  I wanted to study the saints we’ll be ‘visiting’ on my trip, and have a stack of books from the library that are largely untouched.

How did I get this busy?  I have a couple of very important phone calls to return that have gotten pushed aside until it’s too late in the evening to return them.  My brother has kept me very busy this week.  I even managed a sleep study in there.  Not sure why they call it a sleep study, they sat there and watched me while I didn’t sleep very much.  Their first mistake was thinking they could put me down for the night at 10 pm.  Really?  Any other night owls out there know what I’m saying?

I have a friend who talks about ‘margin’.  Leaving time to do the important things that pop up sometimes.  I don’t know how they do it!  There are things I desperately want to put into my life, but I do have to at least try to sleep sometimes.  Either I’m the world’s worst at time management, or I’m simply trying to do more than one person can actually accomplish.  Or maybe it’s this crazy computer – facebook can snag me, but so can my e-mail.  I keep telling myself that ‘after _______ is over, I’ll have more time.’   But I never do.  As soon as I punch a hole in my schedule, ten other things come rushing in like sea water into a sand castle.

How often I wish I could either bi-locate or just plain have a clone.  One of me would do nothing but pray, read, pursue musical things and write and sleep.  The other one of me would do all the other stuff – work, chores, errands, social life, family, etc.  Sometimes I wonder if the ones who manage this ‘margin’ thing are the married ones – the ones who have another body to share the load in terms of errands to run and chores to do.  I’m perfectly content being single, don’t get me wrong.  But sometimes I wish I could text my mate and ask them to pick up the milk on their way home.

I suppose it partly comes down to getting organized again.  There was a time when I was on a tight budget financially, and was paid monthly.  So, I made one big trip to Wal-Mart each month to shop from a carefully constructed list of necessities; a stop about once a week for bread and milk and that was that.  When the paychecks got larger, the budget seemed a little bit looser, so shopping trips became more frequent and less planned.  I’d never heard of Facebook or Pinterest; my job didn’t generate lots of e-mails, and nobody at work took work home.  What a different world I live in just a few years later!

My perfect life would require zero sleep.  Heaven will be wonderful!  My perfect earthly life would allow me several hours of prayer, including daily Mass.  I’d spend an additional three to four hours writing, and in a perfect life people would actually want to read it!  Then I could spend a few hours with family and friends.  I’d have hours to cook and dine at my leisure, instead of another frazzled trip to Casey’s.  In heaven, nobody will need doctors, dentists, eye-doctors, etc – including the dog.   😉   That will net me a few more hours for the important stuff like choir practice, or harp lessons.

So, what makes your life too busy?  Can you do anything about that?  Personally, I can again be intentional about the things that are truly important.  Like Jesus, sleep and family.  Guess I’d better get to them.  See you soon!



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