Disappointment – His Appointment

Hi!  How’s everybody today?  Hope all y’all are doing well!  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here, but what’s new.  Traveling is always interesting.  Things come up, things don’t go as planned, things change.  But before we launch into all this, grab a glass of something refreshing and find a comfy spot to put your feet up.   I getting ready for a trip to Italy.  So far, the preparations have been largely non-issues – as in, I don’t have a thing packed, I don’t have my boarding pass printed, I don’t have my slacks hemmed.  I think my head is still attached to the rest of my body.  I think. I was thinking the other day about disappointments, and how God can turn them around to do wonderful things in our lives.  If you’ve lived to adulthood, you know by now that things don’t always go as planned.  They don’t always line up with what we think we want or need.  Our prayers go seemingly unanswered.  But are they really unanswered?  Or is the answer simply different that what we were looking for?

There’s a great country song by Garth Brooks called “Unanswered Prayer“.  In it, the singer and his wife run into his high school flame at a football game.  The song talks about how hard he’d prayed that he could marry that one, but his hopes were dashed and his prayer was ‘unanswered’.  As they attempted to converse, they actually couldn’t remember much about their high school days.  He contrasts that with the joy he has with his wife, who was actually the answer to his prayers.  The answer to the cry from the depth of his heart for love, companionship, a soul mate.  God answered in a far better way – the disappointment with losing the old flame was actually part of His appointment to marry the one He had intended all along.

Maybe you’ve experienced that sort of thing – an unexpected change in plans that put you in the position to reconnect with an old friend.  Or an unplanned stop on a trip that led you to something really neat.  Or maybe you’ve fretted and fussed, prayed and prayed for something… and God gave you contentment with what you have, instead.  How many times have you heard a conversation and someone says something like, “You know, at first we were really disappointed.  But it actually worked out for the best because…”

Are you in the middle of something that seems like a disappointment?  Look at the flip side and see if there isn’t some blessing in disguise hiding there.  See if God isn’t answering the cry of your heart of hearts, rather than giving you the surface wants you’ve expressed.

Do you need help navigating some disappointing things in life?  Do you wonder where God is in all of this?  Find a pastor or priest.  Let them pray with you, let them share a different perspective.  Maybe they can help you find that in this disappointment, is His appointment.  We’ll talk again soon!



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