Save a Life?

Hey y’all!   How’s everybody?  Hot?  Yeah, me too.  So, repeat after me:  NEVER EVER leave a child, pet or elderly person in a car!  Thanks.  Y’all may have just saved a life!  Now, go grab a glass of something cold and find a cool spot to sit and relax a minute.  Just for a minute, these posts aren’t very long.  Less than a page if I type them up in Word.  Really.  So, what would you do to save someone’s life?  Run inside a burning building?  Pull someone from an auto after a wreck?

Donate an organ?  Jump into a river?  Stand on a sidewalk and protest?  What would you do if you really believed it would make a difference?

It all does make a difference!  The big heroic things we see in the papers and on the news, and the video clips that go viral on the internet.  People rushing into burning buildings to pull out a child or someone else.  People who stay with the car that’s starting to smolder, risking their own life to get the driver or one of their children out.  The selfless anonymous organ donor who saves the life of the recipient.  What about local volunteer firefighters?  Or those who are battling forest fires?  Or cleaning up oil spills?   How about the volunteers who spend their time and hard-earned money to send supplies to relief efforts around the world, or even more so, the ones who hop on the plane and help deliver those supplies?  What about the volunteers at the local rescue mission, the local soup kitchen, the after school programs for at-risk kids?  We see articles and videos about these sorts of activities all the time.

But what am I personally doing to save a life?  What opportunities am I missing?  What can I instigate to help a cause I believe in?

I want to talk about abortion for a minute.  Ugly subject.  We are murdering entire generations of future scientists who might cure cancer, doctors who might save millions of lives, teachers who might educate the next Einstein, or even the next Einstein!  Only God knows what ‘progress’ we’ve aborted, right along with the babies who were never allowed to see the light of day!

What would you do if you really believed what you do would make a difference?  Would you stand on the picket lines at the local abortion clinic in silent, prayerful protest?  Would you spend an hour a week at the local crisis pregnancy center, to support one mother and help her keep her baby?  Would you donate money to help someone adopt a child?  Would you spend some regular prayer time asking the Lord to convert those who think their services at abortion clinics are ‘health care’?  Would you attend or initiate a time of focused prayer at your church to help end abortion?  Would you join the local Pro-Life group or event?  If you really believed it would make a difference, what would you be willing to do?

IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!   40 Days For Life, an international pro-life group, has saved nearly 10,000 children, closed over 50 abortion centers, and allowed over 100 abortion workers to leave that field.  That’s just ONE pro-life group! 

Or are you a victim of the culture of abortion yourself?  Are you one of those who experienced an unplanned pregnancy, and chose to abort the child?  Now you’re experiencing the guilt that goes with that decision?  While I was never forced to make that decision, I am an adoptee and also have several friends who have been through the pain, guilt, and sadness of having submitted to an abortion.  The price tag is far, far higher than a few hundred dollars- the price tag is at least two lives.  The life of the baby, and the life of the mother- who will suffer forever from her choice.  My heart breaks for you!

Are you hurting after an abortion?  Terrified because you just found out you’re pregnant?  Okay with being pregnant, but desperately need some help and support?  There is lots of help available.  There are lots of loving, caring people who don’t want to judge you, or belittle you, or criticize or condemn you.  The real followers of Jesus want to love you.  To help you.  To lift you up.

Find a pastor or a priest and talk to them.  Tell them the whole truth, and let them pray with you and for you; let them suggest places that can help you.  Let them lead you first of all to Jesus.  He will be your best ally, strongest support and greatest source of help.  Then tap into the community of love and support that’s available.  I don’t promise it will be easy.  But I promise it leads to life!



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