Hi there!   How are all y’all?   Hope everybody is doing well!   Grab a glass of tea or lemonade and find a comfy place.   How often in a day do we get so frazzled and overloaded that we forget something – something we wanted to pick up at the store, a phone call we wanted to make, a bill to pay or an appointment.  Sometimes we forget things that are really important over the long term, too.   This week I was thinking at one point and could not remember what my word for 2015 is.  I had to go back to the post and re-read it.  My word?  I laughed when I saw it.

Faith.  Yep, that simple little word that can stand us on our ear sometimes.  I’ve certainly been on a journey of faith for the past year or so!  It’s been exciting.  Sometimes it’s been hard.  Sometimes it’s been a bit puzzling, like a crossword puzzle that you have to tease the word out of.  Sometimes context helps, sometimes I have to look up some Scripture.  Sometimes I’ve had to just wait on the Lord in prayer, until He revealed something to me.  You ever have those times?  You know, when you need an answer to something but you’re clueless.  So you pray.  And wait.  And listen.  And pray, wait and listen some more.  Then finally a verse of Scripture or a line from a sermon or a comment by a friend pops into your head and you have the answer.

Faith started my journey with the Lord back on April 8, 1974.  Faith kept me walking with Him, toward Him; lack of faith sometimes let me walk away from Him.  But He gives us a gift of faith that never goes away.  That gift of faith helped me walk back to Him, helped me believe He still loved me, helped me know He still had a plan for my life.  That gift of faith kept me praying, kept me listening, helped me say ‘yes’ when He required something from me – no matter how big or small.

Faith gave me an open heart and an open spirit when His Spirit began to do some ‘crazy’ things in my heart and life…  and gave me the courage to pray two specifics about those ‘crazy’ things:  First, that I would not be deceived by anyone or any spirit not of Him.  Second, that I would have the courage to say ‘Yes’ to anything He showed me, as He confirmed somehow that it was really Him.  That led to quite an adventure!

Faith allowed me to say ‘why not?’ to that trip to Israel last November.  Faith let me hear those 5 people back in December whom God used to redirect my ‘career’ and travel paths.  Faith gave me courage to quit the job in January, and go to the retreat center in February.  Faith let me join the Catholic Church at Easter.  Faith allowed Him to lead me on several Pilgrimages this year; I’m learning so much!  It’s sort of like taking History of Christianity 101 abroad, one seminar at a time.  I see a definite progression, a building from one trip to the next.  We started in Israel where the faith was born.  Then to Rome where it matured.  Next, to Europe to get acquainted with the Virgin Mary.  Then, back to Israel for part II – review and additional new places.  Finally, to Mexico for the rest of the Marian piece for now.  It makes perfect logical sense to me.

Faith led me to e-mail a few people based on articles in our Archdiocesan newspaper.  I’ve gotten questions answered, had challenges posed,  and been given opportunities to share my faith story.

Faith has kept me writing this blog, about twice a week.  Faith that at least I’m getting good writing practice, and faith that maybe I can help somebody else move closer to Jesus in the process.

Faith now has me leaving Kansas to go to college in Ohio next semester.  That’s been quite a journey, too!  I promise to keep y’all posted!

Where does faith operate in your life?  We all have faith on some level.  We have faith that the sun will rise and set, that the electricity will work when we flip the light switch, that the car will get us where we need to go, that the chair will hold us up when we sit on it.  The bigger question, though, is how does our faith operate between ourselves and God?

Maybe you’d like to explore that a bit.  Find a pastor or priest.  They’ll be happy to help you sift through your thoughts and guide you to a true faith that will lead you to your own adventure!  Have some faith… and pass it on!



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