Mid Night Musings

Hey there!  How’s everybody doing?  Great!  Hope all y’all got some good rest last night.  Typically, I don’t sleep too well.  So grab a cuppa something and find a place to relax.  You can nap if you need to 😉    It’s getting late again as I write this.  Seems like I get some sort of crazy second wind around midnight, and get more creative and write more then.  But why don’t I get to sleep?  Hmmm..

I’ve been a night-owl all my life.  I guess I come by it natural, my daddy was a late night person, too.  When I was in high school, if I needed to study for a test, we would wait until 10:30 after the news was over.  Then he’d quiz me until I could repeat my notes back to him perfectly.  After that we’d have a snack – it was likely past midnight.  For a really hard test once, it was 1am.  I always did really well on my tests.

Later on, after I had my first daughter, the doc decided to try to help me get some sleep.  Over the years, I’ve probably tried it all.  Melatonin didn’t faze me.  St John’s something or other didn’t help.  Several other sleep medications that are strictly Rx didn’t work.  Benadryl might work for one night, but if I take enough to sleep (the two capsules allowed) I’m ‘hung over’ the next morning.  The doc even tried me on one they would usually put you in the hospital for… and I was awake all night.   They recently did a sleep study on me.  I woke up 17 times in 7 hours.  I do not have sleep apnea.  They don’t know what the problem is.

People always ask me about ‘sleep hygiene’.   Do you drink caffeine?  Most days, no.  Is it dark in your room at night?  I wear a sleep mask.  Do you read?  Do you watch TV?  Do you type on your computer or surf the web?  I don’t do any of those things in the bedroom.  The only thing I do in there is get dressed and sleep.  Or attempt to sleep.  There are no visual cues of things to be done to keep me awake in there.  The colors are soft.  The curtains work well.   They ask if I exercise?  I sometimes ride an exercise bike – before dinner, not right before bed.

Fortunately, I’m not the only person who ever lived with a sleep problem.  If you read the Psalms, it would appear that David also had more than one sleepless night.  I guess he had good reasons – just little stuff, like Saul hunting him down to kill him.  Later, ruling the kingdom when there was treachery going on.  Or dealing with his guilty conscience over the whole Uriah and Bathsheba thing.

But David knew what to do when he couldn’t sleep.  He didn’t call the cook, the didn’t call for a card partner.  He didn’t run down to the harem.  David communed with God.  He prayed.  He listened.  He worshiped.  He may well have read the Scriptures of his day.   Do a word search on the word “bed” and limit it to Psalms.  It’s very instructive.  It says to examine your conscience, remember the Lord, and sing aloud for joy on your bed.  He says that the fullness of joy and eternal pleasures are at God’s right hand.  If we seek Him we will find joy.  We will find the purest pleasure – we were made to be in a relationship of love with Him.

A phrase from one of the kids’ videos when they were little said, “If you can’t sleep, don’t count sheep, talk to the Shepherd.”   That’s really good advice!  He’s right there waiting to hear what’s keeping you up so late.  He would rather give you sweet sleep than let you wrestle with things you can’t control.  He wants to let you know He loves you.  Even if you’ve messed up, all you have to do is talk to Him.  He can fix anything.  Now mind you, He won’t always take away the consequences of our behaviors.  I mean, if you wrecked the car, He’s not going to magically restore it to new by Himself.  You’ll still have to take it to the shop and pay to have it fixed.  But if you were intoxicated, and need His forgiveness and His grace to not do that again, He’s right there.  Waiting with the most kind and patient love you’ve ever known.

Are you one of those folks who doesn’t sleep much?  Turn that time into prayer time!  Pray for yourself, pray for others.  It’s a great way to put that ‘wasted’ time to good use!  Do you have a guilty conscience?  It’s okay.  Find a pastor or priest.  They can help you talk to Jesus and experience His great love and forgiveness.


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