It Wasn’t Enough

Hey there!   How are all y’all?   Hope everybody is doing well!   Grab a glass of tea – it’s HOT here again today.  Thought it would be cooling off by now, but the summer isn’t quite ready to let go yet, I guess.   Find a comfy spot, and I’ll let you wander around in my mind with me for awhile.  It’s really a dangerous place to be alone sometimes, but today I think we’re in a good place.   Sometimes I’m just so amazed and God’s love and care for us. 

It wasn’t enough that He created the world and all of us.  Adam and Eve had to rebel, so He had to evict them from the garden.  But He went with them and blessed them anyway.  It wasn’t enough that they’d been through all of this, somehow one of their sons killed his brother.  And when Cain was afraid that everyone on earth would be hunting him down, it wasn’t enough to just let it go.  God put His mark on Cain to give him another chance to get it right.

In spite of God’s blessings, it wasn’t enough and nearly the whole world had decided to ignore the God who gave it all to them and pursue their own version of pleasure.  So, God decided to send the flood to wipe them out… but that wasn’t enough.  He talked to Noah, who thought it wasn’t enough to just keep the status quo, and actually built the ark to save his family and re-start the human race.

Throughout history, God’s people have somehow gotten the idea that what God blesses us with isn’t enough.  Then He thinks it’s not enough and sends a deliverer – the greatest of all when Jesus came to earth as a man, lived a perfect life of love and then laid that life down to make a way to save us from ourselves.

In my own life, I see lots of those ‘it wasn’t enough’ moments.  It wasn’t enough when I was conceived, and I was adopted into a wonderful family who gave me many advantages.  It wasn’t enough, and God gifted me with a good mind, healthy body, and a gift for music.  It wasn’t enough, so He let my family move to 20 acres.

Spiritually, it wasn’t enough to just let me wonder about Him, He drew me to a personal relationship with Jesus when I was still in my early teens.  It wasn’t enough, so he planted me in a good church, and let me be a student leader.  It wasn’t enough, so He gave me even more spiritual gifts.  It wasn’t enough, He taught me His word.  It wasn’t enough, so He let me minister in the choir and on the worship team.  It wasn’t enough, so He developed a deep life of prayer in my heart.  It wasn’t enough, so He continued to pour His love on me and into me and through me.  It wasn’t enough, so he surrounded me with wonderful Christian role models and ministry leaders, letting me sort of apprentice with a couple of them.  It wasn’t enough so he gave me two beautiful, smart, caring daughters.

Then came the divorce.  One day I woke up and decided it wasn’t enough, so I walked away from all that He had given me and tried to numb the pain on my own.  I rebelled for a year.  But, it wasn’t enough.  God wouldn’t leave me in that place.  So, He allowed the legal system to discipline me rather severely.  He knew that an easier route wouldn’t be enough.

It wasn’t enough that I finally came back to my senses, He drew me back to Himself.  It wasn’t enough, so He began to speak to me again, drawing me ever more deeply into a relationship of love with Him.  It wasn’t enough, so He sent me on Pilgrimage to Israel.  That still wasn’t enough, so He drew me to the retreat center, ever deepening our relationship.  It still wasn’t enough, and now He’s sending me to college to finish a degree.

How does one live to show gratitude for such wonderful blessings?  It isn’t enough just to pray on my own.  It isn’t enough just to go to church and warm a pew. I want to hear His voice, and then say, “YES!” to whatever He wants.  I need to give back.  Nothing less will ever be enough.

How about you?  What blessings has He poured out in your life?  And how do you live to say thank you for them?  Maybe you’d like to talk to someone about all this.  Find a pastor or priest.  They’ll be glad to listen and help you find places to give back.  But it’s not about repayment, it’s simply gratitude.  For with love, it’s never enough.


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