Good or Best?

Hey there!   How is everybody?   I’m doing pretty well, I think.  The weather here has been glorious!  Bright sunshine, coolness, some morning pretty crispy.  The fall colors are reluctant to change, though, with the warm afternoons we’ve had.  The colors are good, but not the best.  That will come later, I hope!  Grab a cuppa and find a comfy spot to relax a minute.  If you’re new, welcome!  Hope you find some encouragement here today!

The other morning on the way to church, I was asking the Holy Spirit to search my heart to see what sin may be hidden in there.  It wasn’t a big heavy thing, not at all!  If we bring everything to the light of Christ, He can then heal us.   The Holy Spirit is a gentleman, and is always as gentle as we let Him be.  That’s another subject.   This morning my mind drifted back to last evening, when I was, as usual, on my computer.   He showed me something significant; I’d never seen this particular area in that light before.

Social media can be a great tool for God’s kingdom.  That’s absolutely true, and you’ll never convince me otherwise.  Pinterest and Facebook pins and posts have led to spiritual awakenings in my own life in the past couple of years that have literally rocked my world and impacted lots of folks around me in various ways.  Mostly good.  🙂   I regularly follow a couple of really good Catholic Pinterest boards and Facebook feeds.  I follow my family and a few close friends.  It’s reassuring to know that my daughter posts pics and videos of my grandson for me to look at anytime I like; it makes moving out of state a tiny bit easier.  Not easy, just easier.

Back to last night.  It’s not unusual for me to be on the computer until midnight.  My dad was a night owl, too, so I suppose I come by it natural.  [Yes, I know the grammar is all wrong! 😉  ]  Last night, I started with e-mail, caught up on a couple of devotionals I’d neglected, went to Facebook and read some pretty good stuff on there, and then cruised on over to Pinterest.  I started off looking at kitchen and bath ideas for the house in Ohio to stay in the 1920’s period style; I ended up reading all sorts of prayers and quotes about prayer and the Lord, by saints, Popes, etc.  Then it was midnight.   I had successfully fooled myself into thinking that since I was reading “spiritual” things, I’d in fact benefited.   I probably did.  It was good stuff.  It encouraged my heart a little bit.  It gave me a couple of new prayer resources.

What I failed to do in all this was to simply be with God.  Simply pray and listen.  I didn’t pray the office for the evening.  I didn’t get into the Scriptures.  I didn’t gain that deep and solid connection with Jesus that I crave and we were all designed for.  I suppose that’s mostly what happens with social media on its own if we don’t take it back directly to the Lord and talk to Him; it becomes an intellectual pursuit.

It’s a bit like Mary and Martha.  Poor Martha.  She was a solid believer; she had the right answers at Lazarus’ tomb that day.  Martha was busy and concerned about so many things – like my Facebook feed, my e-mails, my Pinterest boards and the news feed for them.  So much information!  So much to ‘cover’ and ‘look at’.   But look at what Jesus told her – “Mary has chosen the good part…”

What did Mary choose?  To quietly sit at the feet of Jesus and really listen to Him in person.  To move in from the intellectual and the busy-ness, and to come closer, in stillness.  To choose the best.   Sometimes, the good is the enemy of the best.  That’s something I have to remember all the time.  So, I’ll likely end up chatting with my pastor, (aka go to confession, just to gain extra grace to do better!)  And I learned again the lesson that He’s always working on with me.  Time with Him is always better than time reading about Him.  The best spiritual reading leads me directly to prayer.  Sometimes only a paragraph can lead me to hours of prayer.  That’s when the reading is the best!

How about you?  Have you relegated your ‘relationship’ with the Lord to church on Sunday and intellectual knowledge?  Or do you know Him at all?  Do you need to talk to somebody about that relationship?  Find a pastor or priest.  They will listen, maybe make some helpful suggestions, and help you get solidly connected with the One who loves you most!


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