Christmas Wishes

Hey there!   Hope all y’all are doing well.   Today is Christmas.  So…   get off this crazy computer and spend time with your family, your friends.

If it’s not time for any of those celebrations just yet, spend time with Jesus.  It’s His day.  It’s His birthday, and it’s time to kneel down and worship Him, adore Him, love Him, thank Him.   It’s time to receive Him more fully into your life, to more fully surrender to Him, more fully become like Him.

If you don’t have a single decoration that expresses faith, just imagine yourself kneeling before the manger.  Take a few minutes and ponder God becoming man, for our sake, for our salvation and eternal life.  Imagine the shepherds there, see the kings bowing there with you.  Give Him a gift – the gift of your life.

I did not write this today; I wrote it days ago.  Today I will try to stay off the computer and just be with friends, family and Jesus.  After all, it’s His day!

Praying that all of you will have a very blessed Christmas!



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