Resolutions already tested!

Hey there!  How are all y’all?  I’m doing pretty well, although life is not like I thought it would be about now, lol.  Hopefully your New Year is shaping up beautifully, so far.  I realize we’re only a week in!  So, find a cuppa something.  Let’s see, today it’s Orange-Hazelnut Dark Hot Chocolate.  Then, find a comfy spot.  I’m on the sofa, dog curled up next to me, with my new favorite blankie – a fleece and super soft velour that I got for Christmas.  I’m settled in for a few minutes while I write.  Much calmer than the rest of this year has been already! 

Let’s start the story by remembering my New Year’s ‘Resolution’, to simply say “Yes” to Jesus and trust that He’s got it, no matter what happens.

I have a house in Ohio, some folks God gave me up there who have become like family, and a contractor who can nearly read my mind.  What huge blessings!!!!!  I was supposed to be moving in yesterday, January 7th.  But I’m still in Kansas for another week.   Let’s see how my ‘yes’ to Jesus and His ways has played out just this week in this one life circumstance.

They loaded my stuff onto a truck on December 29th.  The semi was set to arrive in Ohio on the 7th, and Beth was flying up on the 9th to help me unpack and get settled.  I was sooooo  excited!   Everything was perfect!  Then the night before I was to leave…

Long story short, the house wouldn’t be ready for another 3 weeks.  It had no heat, due to a contractor’s non-performance.  The truck with my stuff arrived at the house on the 7th anyway.  My daughter lost her money on the plane ticket.  My general contractor and four sub contractors were now all way off schedule because one man wouldn’t own up to some hard truth and let us know.  The gas company lost my order for setting the meter, on top of everything else.  School is going to start whether or not I have a house to live in.

Now, I have multiple opportunities to test my resolution.  What will I do?  I can get angry and ugly with the faulty contractor.  I can verbally abuse the one who answered the phone this morning at the gas company.  I can sue someone.  I can freak out, panic and blame God for not ‘controlling the situation’…   or I can simply say “Yes” to Jesus.  What does that look like?  I’ll tell you I initially had a good cry.  Emotions come and go, so I let them go.  Saying yes to Jesus ultimately means resting in the peaceful knowledge that God is not surprised at any of this.  Before I drew my first breath of life, He knew all about it and has a plan to cover me.

I can extend mercy to the contractor, giving him a chance to fix the problems and reimburse some expenses he created.  I can speak kindly in the process.  Maybe he needs some mercy, maybe he’s fighting battles none of us know about – most folks are.   Maybe my compassion and kindness will lead him to Jesus.  I know for certain that my human anger would do the opposite.  So I say ‘yes’ to mercy and gentleness.

I can extend gracious speech to the one who answered the phone at the gas company.  She certainly didn’t cause the problem; she’s actually working hard to solve the confusion and get my gas meter in asap.  I say “Yes” to showing her kindness and a joyful heart.

I can allow others to help me, gaining their own blessings in the process.  I may be bunking at my new ‘sister’s’ parents’ home for a week or so while mine is being finished so I can start school on time.

Remember the truck?  My general contractor off loaded my motorcycle, then led the truck to a climate controlled storage place where they put all my stuff until I’m ready for it.  The truck driver was incredibly cooperative, their company is tops!  Gerber Moving and Storage.  So, via phone from Kansas, I called a truck driver in Ohio to follow my GC to a storage place just across the river in West Virginia.  Then I arranged to pay the fees with the storage manager – who was in Chicago, IL.  Four states involved, but it actually went very smoothly.

Maybe the storage unit needed that business.  Maybe it was far easier for the driver to offload there, and gave him a break.  Maybe there’s a good surprise that needed a little more time at the new house.  I don’t know.  I just know I trust Jesus.  I know He’s working all things for my good.  I’ll keep you posted!



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