College Craziness :-)

Hey there!   How is everyone?  Hope all y’all are doing well!   It’s been a bit crazy daisy here!  Fortunately, we only got about 6-8″ of snow last Friday.  It was bitterly cold here last week, but Sadie and I survived.  It’s chilly now, but was ‘warm’ this afternoon – 44!  So, grab a cuppa something warm, find a comfy place to snuggle, and I’ll get all y’all updated!

Let’s see…   I’d planned a going away open house in Kansas on December 28.  We were snowed/iced out.  The moving truck came early on the 29th, anyway.  What an entirely strange sensation to watch half your stuff being loaded onto a truck.  I’ve never lived – or wanted to live – outside my small county.  It got really “REAL” about then.  I forgot to have them load my freezer; they came back after it the next day and the truck came to Ohio as scheduled on January 7th.  Only one little problem…

The house wasn’t ready in Ohio, so I was still in Kansas.  I got the truck and my stuff to a storage unit across the river in West Virginia with a phone call to the storage space owner, who had just landed in Chicago, IL.  By the day’s end, with storage, family and utilities, I’d spoken to people in seven states.  Yep.

Orientation was the 14-16th of January, classes started on the 18th.  So, I rolled into Ohio around 5:30 on the 13th (Wednesday, not Friday!)  thinking I had a place to stay, but didn’t.  So, Sadie and I ended up here at the Microtel.  Really nice folks, taking really good care of us.  It’s expensive, though.  And it cost me $15.00 to do four loads of laundry!  But we get free breakfast, free wireless, and free printing on their computers.  I suspect it will be two more weeks, or a month total.

Sadie’s been a trooper.  She’s an old dog, but made the 15 hour trip well.  She enjoyed sharing McDonalds with me for breakfast and lunch.  She hates Ohio water, I have to give her bottled water, lol.   (We buy it by the gallon, I drink it, too!)  When we got snow, she got younger.  Her tracks look really funny.   Two paw prints on either side, with a scoop/groove thing about 4 inches long in the middle…  from where she scoops up a mouthful of snow to eat.  She’s great on the leash, the staff loves her (eggs and gravy for her breakfast!) and she’s taken over the bed.  Queen Sadie.

Orientation was interesting; by the time we finished advisory, I had a double major and a minor.  Majors in Theology and Catechetics, with a minor in Franciscan Studies.  I had to buy just a few school supplies, since mine were buried in storage.  I’m taking 18 hours of  core classes that didn’t transfer, really from about every discipline.  I have Art, Biology, History, Literature, Philosophy and Theology.   I like my classes and professors, the kids are friendly, I’ve met a few students closer to my age, and so far I’m still caught up (we’ve had two classes for each subject, lol.)   I’m looking forward to this semester.

In spite of all the craziness, I still have a deep peace underlying it all.   I know I’m where I’m supposed to be.  Yes, I’ve shed a few tears, but I’m okay.  I talk to folks back home, I know lots of folks are praying for me, and I’m in the process of meeting new people and making new friends.

So, what do you do when your best plans work out far differently than you’d expected?  Do you get scared?  Shake your fist at God?  Here’s what I did.

I dealt with things one at a time, realizing that none of this surprised God, and He has a plan.   I’m not in my house.  But I have a warm, dry, safe place to live.  I have new friends and the opportunity to be a blessing and encouragement to some folks who seem to be glad I’m around here.

I could be furious and threatening to sue the heating contractor who slowed the whole project down an entire month.  But why?  Would it change the situation?  I see an opportunity to exercise mercy on many levels here- with the contractors who are doing all they can, to the contractor at fault, to everyone around me by not being negative.

I see an opportunity to grow my trust in God and His plans for me.  He’s in charge of the timetable, the major, the finances.  He’s got this.

What about you?  Has life thrown you a curve ball you can’t handle?  Find a pastor or a priest.  They’ll be glad to help you get that peace I have.  Don’t be afraid, they’ll listen and help you sort it all out, with the gentleness of Jesus.



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