Breakfast with Richard

Hey y’all!   I know, two days in a row!  How is everybody?  Hopefully all y’all are doing well.  It’s two weeks after Easter, and it’s SNOWING here.  Yep.   The snow is really wet, but it’s light, like pretty frosting on the grass and trees.   It did kill the beautiful magnolia blossoms, though.  One of the largest magnolias I’d ever seen was up here in Ohio.  Grab a cuppa or a glass of tea, and find a comfy spot to relax.  I’m in the mood to share.

This past week was difficult.  Lots going on spiritually and emotionally as well as academically.  I reminded myself often that Jesus and Mary understand and they are right here with me.  That helped.  But yesterday, I asked for someone to share a meal, someone to pray with me, someone to share about Jesus.  I slept, then Sadie got me up at 5am (If you know me, you know that I was not aware there was a 5am!)  I worked on a paper for a while, then went back to sleep, awakening just in time to get breakfast.

As I was sitting down, a gentleman I’d met last evening asked if he could join me.  There were no open tables, and I was delighted to have company.  I knew he was a strong Christian man (he’s married , don’t get excited, lol!) and his daughter was in town for Bible Quiz competition.  One prayer answered – company for a meal, and a believer at that.   We talked about Jesus.  He asked questions and we discussed conversions, Protestant/Catholic and callings and evangelism.  Wonderful!

He was genuinely interested in the theology I’m learning at a Catholic University.  He listened intently and wasn’t afraid to ask questions.  It was quite enjoyable as we both have a strong background in the Scriptures and could reference them with understanding on both sides.  We discussed not getting caught up in labels – Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, etc. but to stay focused on Jesus.  That was an encouragement, because that is truly my heart.  Jesus isn’t a denomination; Jesus is mercy, Jesus is love.  Another prayer answered, Christian fellowship and sharing.

We talked about God’s goodness in leading us and providing for us, and how the Holy Spirit leads and teaches us.  We talked about how I came to Steubenville and particularly my house here.  We talked about attitudes, God’s foreknowledge and His plan to care for us and provide for us, as well as His sometimes surprising or uncomfortable ways to guide us.  He took my contact information and said he couldn’t wait to read the next book…  even if it took awhile.

Before he left, he asked if he could pray with me.  What a blessing!  A strong hand, a Christlike demeanor, and a prayer of thanksgiving, trust and encouragement.  Another prayer answered.

His final comment really encouraged me.  He said the Lord had recently used Daniel to show him that education is important for the kingdom.  Daniel and his companions had a strong education that allowed them to rise to the top, even in Babylonian captivity.  By virtue of their excellent education, they were eventually in a position, however trying, to literally bring God’s revival to an entire heathen kingdom!  I’m pretty sure that was never on their radar when they were learning at their Daddy’s knee.

He also shared that God had shown him through several people in business around the world that we have a great opportunity for education here in the US and we need to take advantage of it and not squander it.  That resonated with me, as it was the same thing the Lord had told me the second week of school here.  What timely affirmation and encouragement!  A couple of days ago the question was raised as to whether I was supposed to finish my education.  I had taken an honest look and wrestled a bit with my motivations – was I truly called or did I just want this?  Was I afraid to quit because of the house situation?  I didn’t necessarily feel I’d make any mistake, but needed some fresh reassurance of direction.  The conversation at breakfast gave me exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it, and it was from Scripture which isn’t going to change.  I think I’m going to study Daniel a bit here this weekend.

So, what about you?  Are you needing some encouragement and specific fellowship?  Ask the Lord.  He will send exactly what you need.  If you don’t feel like you have a good relationship with Him, or even any at all, maybe, find a pastor or priest.  They will be more than happy to listen to you, talk with you, pray with you.  They can help you find just what you need.  Blessings!


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