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Howdy!  How is everybody?  Are y’all getting ready for school to start up again?  Some teacher friends are back in their classrooms and the students will be arriving soon.  My classes don’t start again until August 30th.  Hopefully by then the house will be done!  It’s been quite the adventure, but I still love it here.  One of my biggest challenges has been home decor.  I had enough decorative items and furniture to completely furnish two houses of 3 bedrooms each.  Then it all ended up here.  So, I get to pick and choose.   Grab a glass of something cold, and find a relaxing place to sit a minute! 

How we decorate our homes – or don’t decorate, as the case may be – speaks volumes about who we are and what we value.  What do you surround yourself with in your house? Is it a house, a playground, a sports shop, a home, a gaming stop? How does your decor reflect your values?

What is a visitor’s first impression when they come into your home?  At the moment, they probably think the moving truck just left my house 10 minutes ago with all the boxes still strewn all over the place.  Honestly, it’s a disorganized mess for the most part.  But there are touches here and there – an icon on this wall, the carved wood statue of Mary over there.  The area rugs in the living room and den.  So much still unpacked, waiting to be re-discovered!

Some homes have a definite theme to them.  Maybe it’s a favorite sports team – everything in the team colors, the guest bath decorated in team logos as well.  A nature-lover may have plants, or collections of rocks, or shells, or feathers.  A photographer will likely have their favorite photos framed and displayed.

We’re all familiar with the concept of ‘early married’ where nothing matches, and there is no apparent theme yet emerging.  We’ve likely known families where the theme is:  We have several children – or more – and we are all busy!  Finger paint pictures cover the fridge, there may be smudges or even crayola on a wall; but we can tell the home is happy and healthy.  Under the busy-ness there is a sense of peace and order to it somehow.

When I finally get the boxes out of the way, the remodeling finished, and everything decorated the way I want, my theme is inspiration.  I want to be inspired to live simply and well by everything I see.  I have crucifixes and rosaries and icons.  I also have a Thomas Kinkade tapestry that most people love, with a Scripture verse at the bottom of the weaving.  I have pictures of my family – my parents, my daughters, my grandson.  There are unframed canvas prints by Billy Jacobs: barn scenes, old farm houses, some inspirational sayings.  The barns and old farmhouses remind me to live simply and not get caught up in the frenzy for the latest and greatest in technology, transportation or decor.  I have one small quilted afghan that says “Simplify”.  I have a fair amount of red, white and blue Americana.  There are lots of books overflowing from the book case, with a couple more boxes still unpacked.

A rug purchased in Israel has an intricate design that incorporates so many symbols that are meaningful to me.  It sits in the den, in front of my prayer desk.  The lamp of wisdom and light, the butterflies of new life, the candles of the light of Christ, the colors which include a deep country red and lighter blue, all speak to me each time I see it.  The rug reminds me of the richness of my relationship with Christ and how much He’s done for me.  It inspires me to gratitude.

What would you like your house to say?  Maybe you are already happy with your decor, no matter how eclectic.  Decor is a personal thing, and no two houses should be alike.  The color scheme may be the same, but the photos, the little personal items and touches speak of who we are.

More important than the decor of our home, is the decor of our heart.  Have we decorated it with love, and peace?  Is it furnished with grace and mercy?  Are we content?  Or do we show greed, and anger and selfishness?  Are we discontented, always looking for the great relationship, the big paycheck, the new car?  What is our focus, our aim, our goal?  Are we happy with how we’ve furnished and decorated our heart?

If not, find a pastor or priest.  They can listen while you sort it all out, and help you connect with Jesus.  Even if you think you’re beyond help, don’t give up.  He’s the Master interior decorator, specializing in creating happy hearts.





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