Present and Accounted For

Hi there!  Hope everyone is doing well!  Grab your favorite beverage, and find a relaxing spot.  We’ve had about a week or so of rain and clouds, but today, just for a minute, the sun broke through.  It was glorious!  But you know, I could have easily missed it.  Just like I could have easily missed some of my grandson’s antics yesterday.  Or missed the fact that I was being brought into a friend’s confidence if Continue reading


It’s TODAY!!!

Hey there! It’s the day before Easter, aka Holy Saturday and Easter Vigil. Grab a cuppa something and find a comfy spot to take a breather from all the prep. It’s a massive amount of work to host a dinner, so take 5.  Already this morning (this is a miracle- it’s not even 9 am!) I’ve unloaded the dishwasher, reloaded it, baked a loaf of English Muffin bread and have a pineapple casserole in the oven.  Last night I made potato salad.  Tonight, I will officially enter the Catholic Church.  Lots of thoughts going around in my head… Continue reading

Come Adore Him

Merry Christmas!!!  We made it!  Today is December 24, Christmas Eve day.   Just so you know, this will be my only post this week.  Read it twice if you want.  😉   Today I want to do something different.  I don’t want to get comfy with a cuppa anything.  I want to focus with laser intensity on the Reason for the Season.  Sometime in the next 36 hours or so, let’s spend some time with Joseph and Mary, the wise men and the shepherds, Continue reading