Resolutions already tested!

Hey there!  How are all y’all?  I’m doing pretty well, although life is not like I thought it would be about now, lol.  Hopefully your New Year is shaping up beautifully, so far.  I realize we’re only a week in!  So, find a cuppa something.  Let’s see, today it’s Orange-Hazelnut Dark Hot Chocolate.  Then, find a comfy spot.  I’m on the sofa, dog curled up next to me, with my new favorite blankie – a fleece and super soft velour that I got for Christmas.  I’m settled in for a few minutes while I write.  Much calmer than the rest of this year has been already!  Continue reading



Hey there, y’all!   Are you done with Christmas yet?   Our family isn’t.  We have at least one more celebration out-of-state to go.   But it’s been good.  It’s been good to be with friends and family and Jesus.  Hopefully you’ve had some wonderful times with those you love, too.  I was traveling so much, the season was sort of a blur, but we managed.  As I write this, I should be packing the house, but I’m tired.   So, I’ll do something physically easier…  I’ll write for you!  Find a comfy spot and a cuppa something.  Hopefully you can relax a bit! Continue reading

Family Stress

Howdy!   How’s everyone doing?   Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  LOL.   Are you ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow?  Yeah, me too.  I still have some things to finish up, but I’ll be ready to spend time with my family.  I’ve been gone a lot, and am fixing to move out-of-state, so I need to savor and enjoy this Thanksgiving!  I remember Thanksgiving when I was little though, and the huge family gatherings it started off.  But sometimes, holidays seem to bring out the worst in family relationships. Maybe this is the year for you to begin to reverse that trend. Think about it… Continue reading


Hey there!   How is everybody?   Are all y’all ready for Thanksgiving?   Got the turkey bought, the dressing planned, the guests invited, the desserts covered?  If you’ve done all that, you need a break!  Grab a cuppa (or maybe you’ve been working hard enough to need an iced tea!) and find a comfy spot to sit a minute.  Thanksgiving is not just about food and family gatherings, you know.  Or have we all forgotten that it’s about more than a football game?  Continue reading

Practice Arenas

How are all y’all?   I’m Grrrrrreeeeeaaaattt! That’s really funny, but it’s true. I’m actually stuck in the Newark airport waiting for the connecting flight back to KC.   Grab a cuppa and find a spot to relax and I’ll tell you a story or two.  Just for you non horsey people, a practice arena is a confined yet public place to work with a horse.  People have similar places, too! Continue reading


Hey there!   I just sat down here to write about something else, but I looked out and saw a pair of cardinals on my deck.  So, it got me to thinking…   How is everybody?   Hope all is well with all y’all.   Grab a glass of something, and find a comfy spot and take a load off for a few minutes.  You’ve been working hard all morning, right?  As I write this it’s Saturday morning.  Seems like I work harder most weekends than I ever did at the office!  Let’s talk about Cardinals. Continue reading

Disappointment – His Appointment

Hi!  How’s everybody today?  Hope all y’all are doing well!  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here, but what’s new.  Traveling is always interesting.  Things come up, things don’t go as planned, things change.  But before we launch into all this, grab a glass of something refreshing and find a comfy spot to put your feet up.   I getting ready for a trip to Italy.  So far, the preparations have been largely non-issues – as in, I don’t have a thing packed, I don’t have my boarding pass printed, I don’t have my slacks hemmed.  I think my head is still attached to the rest of my body.  I think. Continue reading