Save a Life?

Hey y’all!   How’s everybody?  Hot?  Yeah, me too.  So, repeat after me:  NEVER EVER leave a child, pet or elderly person in a car!  Thanks.  Y’all may have just saved a life!  Now, go grab a glass of something cold and find a cool spot to sit and relax a minute.  Just for a minute, these posts aren’t very long.  Less than a page if I type them up in Word.  Really.  So, what would you do to save someone’s life?  Run inside a burning building?  Pull someone from an auto after a wreck? Continue reading



Hi there!   Yes I know it’s Thursday.   This is a special post, due to the date.  Punchline first today:  If you’ve had an abortion, or helped someone else to obtain an abortion, you may be dealing with a lot of hidden guilt, sadness, grief, shame, all sorts of things.   Please, please, don’t suffer in silence.   Don’t think that because you’ve ‘sinned’ that God is angry with you.  Quite the opposite – His heart is broken with you.  Reach out for help.  Find a pastor or a priest who can pray with you and for you; let them direct you to a local group who can help.  God still loves you.  Let someone help you see it.     Continue reading

Come Adore Him

Merry Christmas!!!  We made it!  Today is December 24, Christmas Eve day.   Just so you know, this will be my only post this week.  Read it twice if you want.  😉   Today I want to do something different.  I don’t want to get comfy with a cuppa anything.  I want to focus with laser intensity on the Reason for the Season.  Sometime in the next 36 hours or so, let’s spend some time with Joseph and Mary, the wise men and the shepherds, Continue reading

Naming Names

Welcome back!  Glad you decided to come along for the adventure.  We’re still getting a bit of history going, but you will see the threads of God’s faithfulness stitched throughout.

I was adopted at birth.  Now, a lot of folks have been blessed to be adopted.  I love my own adoption story!  Partly because of the people involved, partly because the hand of the Lord was so obviously in it.  I know He created me.  But I firmly believe He had his hand Continue reading