Raising the Grain

Hi there!   How are y’all today?  Hopefully everything is fine and dandy.  After all, it’s spring!  Last time I even talked about my beloved (outdoor!) blacksnake.  Grab a glass of something refreshing.  It’s warm here today, in spite of being overcast with intermittent showers.  But the yard looks the best ever…  there’s actually more grass than weed this spring.  Go lawn care service!  Continue reading



Hi there!  How’s everybody doing?  It’s a windy, partly cloudy, maybe-it-will-rain-maybe-it-won’t sort of day here.  Warm, and when the sun is out, quite beautiful.   So, grab a glass of tea and find a sunny space to sit a spell and enjoy it all.  Is it spring where y’all are?  It’s spring here.  I can tell by several things – new bright flowers, gentle rains, a few threatening storms.  And, my blacksnake is back. Continue reading