Antique Inspiration

Hey everybody!   How are all y’all?  Everybody doing okay?  Things are good here.  I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, food in my belly, and the best dog in the world for companionship.  The best part is that I have Jesus!  He’s such a wonderful friend.  There are still a few weeks until school starts, and I’m resting up for the semester.   I’m taking a season to be still, to reflect on the journey, and rest.  The house is basically together, boxes all up in the attic, clutter at least stashed out of sight up there.  Grab a glass of something cool, and find a comfy spot to relax a minute.  We deserve a break! Continue reading


Home Dec

Howdy!  How is everybody?  Are y’all getting ready for school to start up again?  Some teacher friends are back in their classrooms and the students will be arriving soon.  My classes don’t start again until August 30th.  Hopefully by then the house will be done!  It’s been quite the adventure, but I still love it here.  One of my biggest challenges has been home decor.  I had enough decorative items and furniture to completely furnish two houses of 3 bedrooms each.  Then it all ended up here.  So, I get to pick and choose.   Grab a glass of something cold, and find a relaxing place to sit a minute!  Continue reading

Why Catholic? – Part Three

Hi there!  You’re back for more?  I’m glad.  I promise this is the last of this series.  I never intended to take three posts to answer that question, but hopefully those who asked have a better idea.  I think I explain myself better in writing.  So, grab your beverage and a relaxing spot, and let’s finish the explanation.  Then I need to get some sleep.  It’s been a long week.

What about ‘once saved, always saved’?  Continue reading

Why Catholic? – Part Two

Hey there, and welcome back!  Glad you didn’t jump ship after that last post.  I’ll continue the story today.   In the meantime, grab a glass of something and find a relaxing spot.  Thanks to all of you who have chosen to listen respectfully, and maybe agree to disagree.   It’s the same Jesus, so let’s all love like He loves.  Now, back to the story.

So, back to the original question:  Why Catholic?  Especially after all these years of solid evangelical preaching and teaching?  Two years at a local evangelical Bible College?  Another semester at an evangelical school of worship?  What happened to me?  Continue reading

Why Catholic? – Part One

Hey there!   Hope y’all are doing well!   Grab a cuppa and find a comfy spot, and I’ll do my best to answer the question.  It’s no secret that I joined the Catholic Church this past Easter.  I thought most folks knew.  Apparently I was mistaken, and I’ve had several express some disappointment.  Some who knew have expressed downright puzzlement.  Continue reading


Hi, there!   How’s everybody doing?  It’s been beautiful weather here this week… right now I’m contemplating riding the bike to ‘work’, lol.   I have a few minutes, so I thought I’d grab a glass of tea and chat a bit.  So, grab a glass or something and find a comfy spot to relax.   The hot topic this week seems to be tolerance.   It’s come up in the media, around the lunch table, in other conversations in the office.  Unfortunately, some folks seem to be confused as to the meaning of tolerance, or often the word used is acceptance.  Continue reading

Who Shepherds the Shepherds?

Good morning!  At least it’s morning here right now.  Come on in!  Glad you’re here!   Grab a cuppa something – it’s a bit cool here today, so hot tea is my choice.  Find a comfy spot, and let me share what’s on my heart today.   Shepherds.  The kind that shepherd our souls.  Pastors, priests, bishops, elders, deacons, Sunday School teachers.  Continue reading