Christmas Wishes

Hey there!   Hope all y’all are doing well.   Today is Christmas.  So…   get off this crazy computer and spend time with your family, your friends.

If it’s not time for any of those celebrations just yet, spend time with Jesus.  It’s His day.  It’s His birthday, and it’s time to kneel down and worship Him, adore Him, love Him, thank Him.   It’s time to receive Him more fully into your life, to more fully surrender to Him, more fully become like Him.

If you don’t have a single decoration that expresses faith, just imagine yourself kneeling before the manger.  Take a few minutes and ponder God becoming man, for our sake, for our salvation and eternal life.  Imagine the shepherds there, see the kings bowing there with you.  Give Him a gift – the gift of your life.

I did not write this today; I wrote it days ago.  Today I will try to stay off the computer and just be with friends, family and Jesus.  After all, it’s His day!

Praying that all of you will have a very blessed Christmas!



Camel Kisses

Howdy!   How’s everybody doing?  Have you survived Advent and the Christmas rush and madness so far?  Are your cards mailed?  How many dinners do you need to prep for , or have you already attended?  Are the gifts bought?  Wrapped?  Here I sit at the computer, it’s nearly midnight, my house looks like bomb exploded in here, and I don’t even remember what I’ve bought or for whom, let alone have it all out to wrap.  Dinner?  Thank God for my oldest daughter’s mom-in-love…   Take a minute, find a spot to relax and grab a cuppa something you like.  I’ll tell you a story, and maybe it will help brighten your day.  Continue reading

Creative Gifts

Hey there!   I really haven’t quit on all y’all.   I’ve just been reeeaaallly busy – traveling, getting the new house together, preparing to move and to go to college.   It’s been hard to even think about Advent and/or Christmas!  When the priest at Mass last Sunday (in Mexico) said it was the third Sunday in advent, I about fell off the pew.  While my time has definitely been Christ-focused, it hasn’t been Advent-focused.  This season has flown by!!!   I bet you’ve been extra busy, too.  So, find a comfy spot and grab a cuppa something warm, and let’s talk about some other ways to give this Christmas.  Continue reading

Surviving the Holidays

Hey, y’all!   How’s everyone doing?  Hopefully all y’all are doing well.   Are we remembering to slow down for Advent?  Have we trimmed back the craziness just a bit?  I’m so ready to be in the new house and settled so I don’t have to go ANYPLACE for a couple of days!  Honestly, I’m basically living out of a suitcase right now.  Thanksgiving was great, though, with good family time.  Now I’m off to Ohio and then Texas and then Mexico before I head back.  It’s so great to have friends and family who can stay at the house while I’m out globetrotting, lol.  Grab a cuppa and find a comfy spot to relax a minute and let’s talk more about the Christmas holiday season. Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving?

Hey there!   Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving holiday.  My weekend was great – got to spend a bit of time with my grandson.   He’s all boy.  We played with cars all day on Friday!   Okay, so I know we’re a week out.   But some folks still have some huge challenges coming up, just getting through the holidays.   Grab a cuppa, and find a comfy spot, and let’s see if we can find some things to help us all get through the holiday season a little easier.   Continue reading


Hey, y’all!   How’s everybody doin’?  Hope all is well and you’re celebrating Advent with me!  Grab a cuppa something and find a comfy spot to relax a minute.  Let’s talk about the underlying premise of Advent.  I saw something recently in nature that was a great analogy!  A few weeks ago, I saw the lunar eclipse of the ‘super moon’.   The moon was extremely bright, but that eclipse overshadowed it, changed its entire color and appearance, and hid it from view for a while.  It was quite beautiful in many parts of the world. Continue reading

Don’t do it

Hey there!   How is everybody?  Hope it’s all going well for everyone!  The holidays are upon us!  Halloween’s coming.  Thanksgiving is breathing down Halloween’s neck.  Christmas is right around the corner…   don’t forget Advent!   If you’re not familiar, I did a post last year.  You can find the first one here. But in the midst of all this activity, we tend to let some things slide.  Some really important things!  Wanna talk?  Okay.  Find a cuppa something and a comfortable spot to reflect.  Continue reading