Bits and Pieces

Happy Easter to all y’all! Today Christ is risen and we have new hope, new joy, new faith, new life! Hope y’all are having a great time with your family or church family!  I’ve been incredibly busy, but here’s a quick update.

School is going well.  I’m still managing B’s, and that’s wonderful for me.  My instructors are awesome.  Very attentive, very accommodating, and a couple of them may well become friends.  Lots of the kids I know have family in town.  Several of them are staying at “Sadie’s” hotel.  Lots of them were at breakfast this morning.

The house still is not ready.  Ugh.  It’s becoming quite a battle to do what I can and trust God for the rest.  If I’d known it would be this long I could easily have rented a place much less expensively for a few months.  They keep telling me “two weeks”  “next week, two tops”.   And I keep believing them.  I was raised in construction, I have some idea how long things take.  But nobody could have foreseen not one but three subcontractors not doing their work either at all, or competently, or in a timely manner.  The best subcontractors in town have subbed my house out to incompetents.  My general contractor is tearing out his hair.  Nobody could have foreseen material companies delivering the wrong materials, and having discontinued the ones we ordered.  Nobody could have foreseen the neighbor’s cats sneaking in and holding us up for nearly a month total.  Nobody could have foreseen initially needing to completely rewire, completely re-plumb from the street!, the gas company losing the hookup order, and a host of other players in the comedy of errors.  I’m really going to write a book and call it The Homeless HomeOwner or something of the sort.

Today is Easter.  In the natural, I could be feeling really sorry for myself right about now.  I’m paying for another week in a hotel, 15 hours from my family and experiencing my first holiday ever (over a half century) without any family nearby.   As I mentioned, several of the kids’ families from school are here, and I can hear them laughing in the dining area down the hall.  I will be having dinner with some friends from church this afternoon at 2; that should ease the loneliness I’m temporarily experiencing.  I knew up front I’d have these times.  While it isn’t fun, it isn’t unexpected, either, and I also know this, too, will pass.   In another hour I’ll be around a dining table with new friends, eating Italian food and having a great time.

On the flip side, even as the tears threaten to spill over again, Sadie is here and is a great comfort.  If I start to cry, she gets up and comes to wash my face.  The good news today is the Good News.  Jesus is here!   He’s with me, He understands loneliness, as does his mother, Mary.  Our mother.  Still getting used to that, but it does bring some comfort.

It’s been an interesting week in Steubenville.  I keep seeing people who are doubles to folks back home.  Last night at Easter Vigil, one of the readers looked just like my mom from about 25 years ago.  I sat behind a gentleman who could have been a brother to Kenny M.  I’ve seen Raylene and Carlene this week, and I’ve seen Lori Gregory.  I’ve seen my niece and Beth and lots of others.  It’s true, people are the same everywhere, lol.

It’s a beautiful sunny day.  I think I’ll take Sadie out for a walk and chase these blues away.  Sunshine is really good for that!   And we don’t have KC’s snow this morning.  It’s supposed to be 70 this afternoon.

What about you?  Do you have the warmth and comforting love of your family?  Take advantage of this time and tell them you love them.  Mend a quarrel, re-establish a relationship.  It’s worth the risk.  Are you one of those away from home, without any real family support at the moment?  Even your closest friends are with their own families right now?  Remember that you have a Friend who never leaves you.  Jesus is right there, He totally understands.  If you will look around just a bit, I’m sure He’s got a plan to give you some joy today.  Take Him up on it!  I get to walk my dog in the warm sunshine, with a pretty view of the river.

Maybe you’re in a bad way today.  Maybe you have nobody at all.  It may be difficult to do this today, but tomorrow for sure, find a pastor or priest.  They can introduce you to Jesus.  He has promised to never leave us or forsake us, no matter how bad we’ve been or are at the moment.  His arms of love are open wide to help us through the rough times, help us clean up our lives, and help us to start a new life of love, peace and joy.   Happy Easter!


Superbowl Ads and Lent

Hey there!   How is everybody?  As I write this, I’m still sitting in a hotel in Ohio, waiting for my house to be finished so I can move in.  Sadie is a very, very spoiled puppy at this point.  The staff and most of the other guests here love her, and everybody is feeding her. It’s gonna be a big adjustment for her to go back to ‘just dog food’.  It’s cold here, so y’all grab a cuppa and find a warm comfy spot while I ramble.  I know the superbowl was awhile ago, but there is a lot of good to be had in reflection on some things.  Continue reading


Hi there!  How’s everybody doing?  It’s a windy, partly cloudy, maybe-it-will-rain-maybe-it-won’t sort of day here.  Warm, and when the sun is out, quite beautiful.   So, grab a glass of tea and find a sunny space to sit a spell and enjoy it all.  Is it spring where y’all are?  It’s spring here.  I can tell by several things – new bright flowers, gentle rains, a few threatening storms.  And, my blacksnake is back. Continue reading

Joy Resurrected

Hey there!  How is everyone?  We’re a bit out from Easter Sunday, but still in the Easter season.  I love this!  Grab a glass of sweet tea, and a comfy place to relax.  Maybe out on the sun porch, or in that swing over there.  Take a deep breath, and relax.  Smell the sweetness of the flowers, hear the buzzing of the bees and the chirping of the birds!  Continue reading

Spring Flowers

Hello!  If you’re new, glad to have you!  If you’re returning, thank you for coming back.  I know you have a choice.  Well, as usual, grab a drink of some sort, maybe a light snack, and find a comfy spot to relax a minute.  I’m thinking about spring flowers today.  Not growing them, (my kids will tell you I kill everything I touch in the plant world) but admiring their beauty.   Continue reading


Hello there!   How was your Easter?   Mine was glorious!  Grab a cuppa and find a comfy spot to relax a minute.  With all the intense activity of Holy Week (the week before Easter) and then Easter weekend, I was exhausted.  I actually took a 5 hour nap after lunch on Monday.  It’s my day off, so I can do that, lol.  Today, I was driving around a neighborhood with a friend and we were discussing Mercy. Continue reading