Hey there!   How is everybody?   Are all y’all ready for Thanksgiving?   Got the turkey bought, the dressing planned, the guests invited, the desserts covered?  If you’ve done all that, you need a break!  Grab a cuppa (or maybe you’ve been working hard enough to need an iced tea!) and find a comfy spot to sit a minute.  Thanksgiving is not just about food and family gatherings, you know.  Or have we all forgotten that it’s about more than a football game?  Continue reading



Hey everybody!   How are all y’all?   It’s cooler here today, fall’s comin’!   I love fall, it’s my favorite season.  The air gets crisp, the trees change colors and the sun just seems brighter since it’s not so warm and sticky.  So, grab a cuppa and find a comfy place to nestle in and relax a minute. Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, for sure.  Even warm, soft puppies or kittens leave us little ‘presents’ that we need to clean up.  For every good thing, there’s usually a challenge, if you want to view it that way.  Continue reading

Searching for…

Hey there!   Glad y’all could make it today!  The weather has been pretty stormy here a couple of days lately.  Once, there was a thunderclap and lightning flash at 3am that resembled a bomb going off in my bedroom.  Fortunately, the dog and I survived.  She was certainly searching for a place where she felt safe after that experience!   Grab a glass of tea and pull up a comfy place to sit.  Then join me on a quest! Continue reading