A Drop in the Bucket

Hey y’all!   Yep, I’m back.  It may be sporadic for a while, but I’ve missed writing!  How is everybody?  Even this summer I’m still a full-time student with a nearly full-time job, so not a lot of time to write.  Find yourself a cuppa something you enjoy, grab a comfy spot to relax and I’ll update you! Continue reading


Change in the Wind

Hey y’all!   How’s everybody doing?  I’m doing great… just a bit over-busy.  What’s new?  School starts tomorrow – Tuesday.  I’m taking 18 hours of Theology classes, including my first ever course in Latin.   I’ve had several Spanish classes, and did some medical transcription in the past, so hopefully Latin won’t kill me right off the bat.  😉  The weather’s changing, but it can’t make up its mind what it’s going to do.  Saturday it was in the mid 70’s and delightful!   Today, we were back into the 90’s and suffocating from the high humidity that came with it today.  Anyway, grab a cuppa or glass of something cold, to suit your weather, and find a comfy spot to relax!  Continue reading

Home Dec

Howdy!  How is everybody?  Are y’all getting ready for school to start up again?  Some teacher friends are back in their classrooms and the students will be arriving soon.  My classes don’t start again until August 30th.  Hopefully by then the house will be done!  It’s been quite the adventure, but I still love it here.  One of my biggest challenges has been home decor.  I had enough decorative items and furniture to completely furnish two houses of 3 bedrooms each.  Then it all ended up here.  So, I get to pick and choose.   Grab a glass of something cold, and find a relaxing place to sit a minute!  Continue reading


Hey there, y’all!   Are you done with Christmas yet?   Our family isn’t.  We have at least one more celebration out-of-state to go.   But it’s been good.  It’s been good to be with friends and family and Jesus.  Hopefully you’ve had some wonderful times with those you love, too.  I was traveling so much, the season was sort of a blur, but we managed.  As I write this, I should be packing the house, but I’m tired.   So, I’ll do something physically easier…  I’ll write for you!  Find a comfy spot and a cuppa something.  Hopefully you can relax a bit! Continue reading

Creative Gifts

Hey there!   I really haven’t quit on all y’all.   I’ve just been reeeaaallly busy – traveling, getting the new house together, preparing to move and to go to college.   It’s been hard to even think about Advent and/or Christmas!  When the priest at Mass last Sunday (in Mexico) said it was the third Sunday in advent, I about fell off the pew.  While my time has definitely been Christ-focused, it hasn’t been Advent-focused.  This season has flown by!!!   I bet you’ve been extra busy, too.  So, find a comfy spot and grab a cuppa something warm, and let’s talk about some other ways to give this Christmas.  Continue reading


Hey everybody!   How are all y’all?   It’s cooler here today, fall’s comin’!   I love fall, it’s my favorite season.  The air gets crisp, the trees change colors and the sun just seems brighter since it’s not so warm and sticky.  So, grab a cuppa and find a comfy place to nestle in and relax a minute. Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, for sure.  Even warm, soft puppies or kittens leave us little ‘presents’ that we need to clean up.  For every good thing, there’s usually a challenge, if you want to view it that way.  Continue reading


Hi there!   How are all y’all?   Hope everybody is doing well!   Grab a glass of tea or lemonade and find a comfy place.   How often in a day do we get so frazzled and overloaded that we forget something – something we wanted to pick up at the store, a phone call we wanted to make, a bill to pay or an appointment.  Sometimes we forget things that are really important over the long term, too.   This week I was thinking at one point and could not remember what my word for 2015 is.  I had to go back to the post and re-read it.  My word?  I laughed when I saw it. Continue reading