Urgent Care

Hey everybody!  How are all y’all?  Doing well I hope!   Summer is in full swing, and lots of activities are going on.  We’ve finished Memorial Day and Fourth of July, maybe we’ve gone fishing or boating.  Bicycling is actually the most common summer sport, according to the trivia board at my local bank.  Find a cool and comfy spot to relax, and grab a glass of something cool.   Sometimes these activities don’t go quite as planned, and we end up in the Urgent Care center seeking medical attention. Continue reading


It Wasn’t Enough

Hey there!   How are all y’all?   Hope everybody is doing well!   Grab a glass of tea – it’s HOT here again today.  Thought it would be cooling off by now, but the summer isn’t quite ready to let go yet, I guess.   Find a comfy spot, and I’ll let you wander around in my mind with me for awhile.  It’s really a dangerous place to be alone sometimes, but today I think we’re in a good place.   Sometimes I’m just so amazed and God’s love and care for us.  Continue reading

Christmas Cards in February

Hi there!   Grab a cuppa something warm – it’s still cold here as I write this, but the weatherman thinks it will be in the 50’s by the weekend.  We’ll see.   Find a spot to sit a minute and relax, and I’ll tell you a funny story.  It’s been a wild couple of weeks, including a Lenten project that went sort of sideways.  It involves Christmas cards…  You ready for this one?  Here goes.  Continue reading

‘Tis (still) the Season!

Hey there!   Merry Christmas!   No, I’m not crazy.   (At least no more than usual.)  Grab a cuppa something hot, pull up a comfy chair and I’ll tell you why I’m still saying “Merry Christmas!”  well into January!  Okay, so technically, some folks think Christmas was officially over on the 11th.   Some folks are going to keep right on celebrating until February 2!  It all has to do with Continue reading

Preparing the Way of the Lord

Hello there!   Is is cold where you are?  As I write, it’s 30 degrees here – and it was 67 yesterday!  We’re talking about Advent this month, and I wanted to piggyback on something I wrote before, and tell a story.  So, grab a cuppa something warm, and find a comfy place to sit down and relax a minute.  Remember awhile back, I asked if you were Continue reading

Whose Money is it, Anyway?

Hi there!   Glad you chose to step in and brave the topic.  Tomorrow is payday, so I was thinking about money.  Get your favorite beverage and grab a comfy seat.  Relax.  Smile.  Ready?  Great!

Okay, so I know nobody likes to talk about money unless it’s coming to them.  But did you know that Jesus talked more about money than Continue reading