Hey there!   Hope everybody’s doing well!   As I write this I’m still in Kansas.  So, grab a cuppa something warm and find a comfy place to relax so we can talk about fear.  Yeah, I know.  Not a fun subject.  But we don’t need to fear it.  I’m not sure I totally agree with FDR on that one!  Fear is an emotion, it has a cause, it has a remedy.  It’s not a huge psychological thing, usually.   I know sometimes we may have things that are so big and so deep we need professional help.  But our day-to-day little fears don’t need to torment us! Continue reading



Hey y’all!  How is everybody?   Hopefully y’all are staying warm and dry, and things are good.   Hopefully everybody is healthy and happy.  Hopefully 2016 has begun with you searching for your socks – because God has already blessed them right off of you!    😉  I’m on a writing binge today.  I’ve cranked out two posts already, and this is number three.  But God is doing some amazing things in my life, and I wanted to share them with you!  So, if you’re new here, find a cuppa something you like and a comfy spot to relax a minute.  Even if you’re not new here, you know the drill.  Continue reading


Hey there, y’all!   Are you done with Christmas yet?   Our family isn’t.  We have at least one more celebration out-of-state to go.   But it’s been good.  It’s been good to be with friends and family and Jesus.  Hopefully you’ve had some wonderful times with those you love, too.  I was traveling so much, the season was sort of a blur, but we managed.  As I write this, I should be packing the house, but I’m tired.   So, I’ll do something physically easier…  I’ll write for you!  Find a comfy spot and a cuppa something.  Hopefully you can relax a bit! Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving?

Hey there!   Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving holiday.  My weekend was great – got to spend a bit of time with my grandson.   He’s all boy.  We played with cars all day on Friday!   Okay, so I know we’re a week out.   But some folks still have some huge challenges coming up, just getting through the holidays.   Grab a cuppa, and find a comfy spot, and let’s see if we can find some things to help us all get through the holiday season a little easier.   Continue reading


Hey, y’all!   How’s everybody doin’?  Hope all is well and you’re celebrating Advent with me!  Grab a cuppa something and find a comfy spot to relax a minute.  Let’s talk about the underlying premise of Advent.  I saw something recently in nature that was a great analogy!  A few weeks ago, I saw the lunar eclipse of the ‘super moon’.   The moon was extremely bright, but that eclipse overshadowed it, changed its entire color and appearance, and hid it from view for a while.  It was quite beautiful in many parts of the world. Continue reading

Family Stress

Howdy!   How’s everyone doing?   Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  LOL.   Are you ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow?  Yeah, me too.  I still have some things to finish up, but I’ll be ready to spend time with my family.  I’ve been gone a lot, and am fixing to move out-of-state, so I need to savor and enjoy this Thanksgiving!  I remember Thanksgiving when I was little though, and the huge family gatherings it started off.  But sometimes, holidays seem to bring out the worst in family relationships. Maybe this is the year for you to begin to reverse that trend. Think about it… Continue reading


Hey there!   How is everybody?   Are all y’all ready for Thanksgiving?   Got the turkey bought, the dressing planned, the guests invited, the desserts covered?  If you’ve done all that, you need a break!  Grab a cuppa (or maybe you’ve been working hard enough to need an iced tea!) and find a comfy spot to sit a minute.  Thanksgiving is not just about food and family gatherings, you know.  Or have we all forgotten that it’s about more than a football game?  Continue reading