Ms Shirline

Hi there! Glad you’re here! How is everybody? Hope all y’all are doing well. Grab a glass of tea or something, and find a comfy place to relax a minute. I wanna talk about a lady I work with at the retreat center.  Ms. Shirline just turned 80, and she certainly knows how to celebrate!  I think everyone who knows her has attempted to wine and dine her this past month.  She deserves it, though!  Let me tell you about this great lady. Continue reading


Whose Money is it, Anyway?

Hi there!   Glad you chose to step in and brave the topic.  Tomorrow is payday, so I was thinking about money.  Get your favorite beverage and grab a comfy seat.  Relax.  Smile.  Ready?  Great!

Okay, so I know nobody likes to talk about money unless it’s coming to them.  But did you know that Jesus talked more about money than Continue reading