Hey there!   How is everybody this morning?  As I write, I couldn’t sleep and it’s about 4am.  Ugh.  I have a really full day today – an all day prayer meeting to end abortion as part of the 40 Days 4 Life initiative.  Today is our parish’s day on the sidewalk, or in the chapel in prayer support of those on the front lines.  Grab a cuppa (I’ll be hunting caffeine, I’m sure!) and find a comfy spot.  Last week, I bought a house.  While I was in that process, one of the daily Scripture readings was from Haggai, talking about building houses.  Seems like housing was the theme for the week! Continue reading


Welcome Here

Hey there!   Hope everyone is doing well!   It’s HOT here, Kansas in the summertime.  The worst part is the humidity.  Remember “Walk outside into a sauna”?  Yep.  We’re still there.  So, grab a glass of iced something and find a cool spot to sit.  Relax from the heat for a minute.  Even with air-conditioned offices, cars, and houses, we still have to get from one to the other in the heat.  Be careful.  And NEVER NEVER NEVER leave a child, elderly person or pet in the car, even ‘for just a minute’.   A car can heat to well over 130 degrees in less than 15 minutes! Continue reading

Why Catholic? – Part One

Hey there!   Hope y’all are doing well!   Grab a cuppa and find a comfy spot, and I’ll do my best to answer the question.  It’s no secret that I joined the Catholic Church this past Easter.  I thought most folks knew.  Apparently I was mistaken, and I’ve had several express some disappointment.  Some who knew have expressed downright puzzlement.  Continue reading

Present and Accounted For

Hi there!  Hope everyone is doing well!  Grab your favorite beverage, and find a relaxing spot.  We’ve had about a week or so of rain and clouds, but today, just for a minute, the sun broke through.  It was glorious!  But you know, I could have easily missed it.  Just like I could have easily missed some of my grandson’s antics yesterday.  Or missed the fact that I was being brought into a friend’s confidence if Continue reading

Raising the Grain

Hi there!   How are y’all today?  Hopefully everything is fine and dandy.  After all, it’s spring!  Last time I even talked about my beloved (outdoor!) blacksnake.  Grab a glass of something refreshing.  It’s warm here today, in spite of being overcast with intermittent showers.  But the yard looks the best ever…  there’s actually more grass than weed this spring.  Go lawn care service!  Continue reading

Heart to Heart

Hi there!   I know we’re out of February, practically into April, but I love hearts.  So, grab a cuppa, a warm spot (it’s below zero this morning!) and let’s talk.  I love hearts.  I love the little red ones, the big pink ones, the quilted hearts, the candy hearts, the chocolate ones.  But I love another heart even more.  I love Jesus’ heart for me.  Continue reading

Dreams Do Come True

Hi there!   Wow, is it cold as I write this post!   But it’s January, so all is as it should be.  I’m snuggled up in a warm sweater, with a furry blanket on my legs, and the dog curled up next to me.  And hot spiced tea.  Yummers!    Get yourself situated in a comfy spot, and let’s talk about dreams.  Do you believe dreams can come true?   Do you have any dreams – long term stuff?  Have you given up?   Let me tell you an incredible story… Continue reading