Jewels and Icons

Hey there, how are all y’all?   Hope everyone is having a beautiful day.  Y’all know I’m a little different in how I do things, so you won’t be too surprised at this story and where it leads.  On my last trip to Israel, we went to the diamond factory, where nearly all of the world’s diamonds are cut and polished.  It was a pretty cool place.  We were led on a tour where we learned about the diamond mining, grading, cutting and polishing activities.  Find a cool drink and a comfy spot, and just put your feet up for a minute.  Continue reading


Family Circle of Life

Grab a hot cuppa something.  It’s very cold and rainy today, compared to what it has been.  It’s been a crazy week, too.  The circle of life was shown off in splendor.  Like I said, grab your cuppa, find a comfy spot and let’s chat.  About beginnings, endings, and the stuff in the middle.  And what’s next.  Continue reading