Hey there!   How are all y’all?  I hope everyone is doing well.  By now, everybody is either back to school or very close to it.  I’m so excited about this new fall semester.   I get to study subjects in my major, rather than all the core studies.   Last semester was interesting, but I’m not making a career of biology.  We studied things they hadn’t even discovered when I was in high school!  So, how do we handle the unexpected?  Grab a glass of something cold, find a comfy spot and lets explore! Continue reading


Just when you thought it was safe…

Hey, y’all!  I’m ba-ack!   Didja miss me?  I had no idea what I was in for when I jumped onto this rocket ship.  When I look back at the last few days, weeks or months, I just want to hibernate like an ol’ bear and sleep for about six weeks.  Maybe in August, lol.   For inquiring minds who want to know what I’ve been up to, I’ve been up to my eyeballs.   I am seriously writing a book.  I’m calling it “101 Days:  The Homeless Homeowner”.   Find a comfy spot so at least one of us can relax, and grab a cuppa something.  Let me give you the Cliff (or maybe over the cliff?) Notes! Continue reading


Hey there, y’all!   Are you done with Christmas yet?   Our family isn’t.  We have at least one more celebration out-of-state to go.   But it’s been good.  It’s been good to be with friends and family and Jesus.  Hopefully you’ve had some wonderful times with those you love, too.  I was traveling so much, the season was sort of a blur, but we managed.  As I write this, I should be packing the house, but I’m tired.   So, I’ll do something physically easier…  I’ll write for you!  Find a comfy spot and a cuppa something.  Hopefully you can relax a bit! Continue reading

It All Counts

Hello out there!   How is everybody?  Hope y’all are doing well!  Is it still raining where you are?  I think the sun has gone on strike around here.  We haven’t seen it in a while.   No matter what your weather, grab a cup of something and have a comfy seat.  I was chatting with our priest the other day and he said something really profound.  It was so simple, I almost missed it.  But he said this:  “It all counts”. Continue reading

Raising the Grain

Hi there!   How are y’all today?  Hopefully everything is fine and dandy.  After all, it’s spring!  Last time I even talked about my beloved (outdoor!) blacksnake.  Grab a glass of something refreshing.  It’s warm here today, in spite of being overcast with intermittent showers.  But the yard looks the best ever…  there’s actually more grass than weed this spring.  Go lawn care service!  Continue reading

Preparing the Way of the Lord

Hello there!   Is is cold where you are?  As I write, it’s 30 degrees here – and it was 67 yesterday!  We’re talking about Advent this month, and I wanted to piggyback on something I wrote before, and tell a story.  So, grab a cuppa something warm, and find a comfy place to sit down and relax a minute.  Remember awhile back, I asked if you were Continue reading

You Can’t Take it With You – But Don’t Worry, You Don’t Need it Anyway – Pt 2

Hey, welcome back.  Whew!  What a week…  Monday was 20-hours in airports and on planes, Tuesday was try-to-get-un-jet-lagged, and then back to work!  So, come on over, sit down and let’s take a rest.  Grab a cup of something warm and I’ll share the rest of my newfound travel tips.  This trip was so fun! Continue reading