Superbowl Ads and Lent

Hey there!   How is everybody?  As I write this, I’m still sitting in a hotel in Ohio, waiting for my house to be finished so I can move in.  Sadie is a very, very spoiled puppy at this point.  The staff and most of the other guests here love her, and everybody is feeding her. It’s gonna be a big adjustment for her to go back to ‘just dog food’.  It’s cold here, so y’all grab a cuppa and find a warm comfy spot while I ramble.  I know the superbowl was awhile ago, but there is a lot of good to be had in reflection on some things.  Continue reading


Permission Granted!

Hey there!   I know it’s been almost a month!  Life is crazy, but it’s all okay.   Grab a cuppa something, and I’ll tell you more about the adventure.  The weather is crazy here, each week it seems like we have snow and temps in the 50’s a few days later.  It snowed today, is supposed to reach upper 40’s this weekend, low 50’s all next week and rainy, then snow again.  College is quite the adventure, too.  Find a comfy spot, and I’ll tell you more! Continue reading

Nothing to Fear

Hi there!  How is everybody today?  Hopefully your Lenten observances are going well, bringing you closer to Jesus.  That’s the point, remember?  So, grab a cuppa and find a comfy spot to relax a minute.  We’re into what the Church calls “Holy Week” now.  Easter is this coming Sunday.  We’ve talked a lot about looking very closely at our own lives, measuring ourselves against Jesus’ standards, and making things right.  Remember a few weeks ago, we agreed to be fearless during Lent? Continue reading

Observe to Obtain

Hey there! Hope all y’all are doing well! Grab a cuppa and get comfy for a while. Relax a minute. One thing I really like is going to church every day.  Every day, we have tan Old Testament reading, a Psalm and a Gospel.  If I pay attention, I can always hear God speaking to me through His Word.

Awhile back, the OT reading was from Deuteronomy chapter 4.  Now, I know Deuteronomy can be quite boring.  Continue reading

Planning & Prep

Hello out there!   How’s everyone doing?  It’s REALLY cold here, as I write, snow’s a comin’.  So, grab a cuppa something hot, and a warm blankie, and get comfy.  Are all y’all getting ready for Easter?  Planning a big dinner?  Getting everything all ready for company to come?  I even know several ladies who are getting married soon!   So, what about Easter?  Are you doing any Continue reading