Hey there!   How is everybody?   Are all y’all ready for Thanksgiving?   Got the turkey bought, the dressing planned, the guests invited, the desserts covered?  If you’ve done all that, you need a break!  Grab a cuppa (or maybe you’ve been working hard enough to need an iced tea!) and find a comfy spot to sit a minute.  Thanksgiving is not just about food and family gatherings, you know.  Or have we all forgotten that it’s about more than a football game?  Continue reading


Don’t do it

Hey there!   How is everybody?  Hope it’s all going well for everyone!  The holidays are upon us!  Halloween’s coming.  Thanksgiving is breathing down Halloween’s neck.  Christmas is right around the corner…   don’t forget Advent!   If you’re not familiar, I did a post last year.  You can find the first one here. But in the midst of all this activity, we tend to let some things slide.  Some really important things!  Wanna talk?  Okay.  Find a cuppa something and a comfortable spot to reflect.  Continue reading

It Wasn’t Enough

Hey there!   How are all y’all?   Hope everybody is doing well!   Grab a glass of tea – it’s HOT here again today.  Thought it would be cooling off by now, but the summer isn’t quite ready to let go yet, I guess.   Find a comfy spot, and I’ll let you wander around in my mind with me for awhile.  It’s really a dangerous place to be alone sometimes, but today I think we’re in a good place.   Sometimes I’m just so amazed and God’s love and care for us.  Continue reading

Welcome Here

Hey there!   Hope everyone is doing well!   It’s HOT here, Kansas in the summertime.  The worst part is the humidity.  Remember “Walk outside into a sauna”?  Yep.  We’re still there.  So, grab a glass of iced something and find a cool spot to sit.  Relax from the heat for a minute.  Even with air-conditioned offices, cars, and houses, we still have to get from one to the other in the heat.  Be careful.  And NEVER NEVER NEVER leave a child, elderly person or pet in the car, even ‘for just a minute’.   A car can heat to well over 130 degrees in less than 15 minutes! Continue reading

Happy Fourth of July!

Hey there!  How’s everybody doing?  All ready for the Fourth?  Or are you rushing around, all frazzled, trying to put the picnic together, get the fireworks bought and keep the kids from blowing each other up?  Grab a glass of tea, and find a comfy spot to sit for a minute.  Let’s talk about Independence Day and Fireworks! Continue reading

Heart to Heart

Hi there!   I know we’re out of February, practically into April, but I love hearts.  So, grab a cuppa, a warm spot (it’s below zero this morning!) and let’s talk.  I love hearts.  I love the little red ones, the big pink ones, the quilted hearts, the candy hearts, the chocolate ones.  But I love another heart even more.  I love Jesus’ heart for me.  Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hey there! Hope y’all are doing well. Grab a cuppa something, and find a comfy spot to relax. February is the traditional month of cards, candy, candlelight dinners, chocolate (the letter ‘c’?) and love. Lots and lots of money will be spent on these things, to show that we love our spouse, or our fiancée, or our significant other. But there are other things I’d rather have when I think of love… Continue reading