Camel Kisses

Howdy!   How’s everybody doing?  Have you survived Advent and the Christmas rush and madness so far?  Are your cards mailed?  How many dinners do you need to prep for , or have you already attended?  Are the gifts bought?  Wrapped?  Here I sit at the computer, it’s nearly midnight, my house looks like bomb exploded in here, and I don’t even remember what I’ve bought or for whom, let alone have it all out to wrap.  Dinner?  Thank God for my oldest daughter’s mom-in-love…   Take a minute, find a spot to relax and grab a cuppa something you like.  I’ll tell you a story, and maybe it will help brighten your day.  Continue reading


Surviving the Holidays

Hey, y’all!   How’s everyone doing?  Hopefully all y’all are doing well.   Are we remembering to slow down for Advent?  Have we trimmed back the craziness just a bit?  I’m so ready to be in the new house and settled so I don’t have to go ANYPLACE for a couple of days!  Honestly, I’m basically living out of a suitcase right now.  Thanksgiving was great, though, with good family time.  Now I’m off to Ohio and then Texas and then Mexico before I head back.  It’s so great to have friends and family who can stay at the house while I’m out globetrotting, lol.  Grab a cuppa and find a comfy spot to relax a minute and let’s talk more about the Christmas holiday season. Continue reading

Family Matters

Hey y’all!   How is everybody?  I’m sure enjoying this cooler fall weather!  Love the jackets and fleecy things that are so soft and comfy.  Even the dog is cuddly!  So, grab a cuppa something and find a comfy spot.  Today is a dark chocolate and orange flavor hot chocolate kind of day.  Extra cocoa powder, a drop or two of orange extract and some extra sweetener, and I’m a VERY happy camper!  My grandson turns two this month.  We’ve been celebrating all weekend! Continue reading