Billy Goats

Hey there!  How are all y’all doing?  Fine?  Great!   Grab a glass of something cold to beat this heat, and sit down and relax a minute.  Especially if you’ve been out in the summer heat!   Remember – NEVER leave a child, pet or elderly person in a vehicle if it’s above about 72 degrees outside.  A car can heat up 30-40 degrees in under 15 minutes, even with cloud cover.  Okay, I’m off the soap box.  Oh wait – I’m gonna climb back on so y’all can hear me, lol.

My BFF has some acreage with pretty much the entire farm menagerie, minus a hog or sheep.  Continue reading


Boundaries of Love

Hey there!   How’s everybody today?  Hope everyone is doing well.  We’re still getting some much-needed rain as I write this.  The weather has been a bit sticky here, but I’m not complaining too much just yet.   Grab a cup or a glass of whatever tickles your fancy, and find a comfy spot to relax. I’ve been hearing some interesting things from some folks around me lately, and it started me thinking… and posting, lol.   Continue reading

Puppy Love

Hey there!  Welcome to the adventure!  Not so adventurous today, though.   Grab a cuppa something suitable, and pick out a nice comfy spot.   Today is just for fun.  We’re still in February, still the ‘month of love’, so I’ll keep talking about love.  Literal puppy dog love.  I’m sitting here on the sofa, with my dog’s head stuck under my arm, in the crook of my elbow as I type this.  She’s a good girl, and I’m gone a lot.  Tonight she wants Continue reading

Backside of the Desert

Hey, y’all!  Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  Hopefully you were able to relax and don’t need to come back to work today (Tuesday) to recover from it!  Grab your tea and get comfy and I’ll talk about something I mentioned in the last post. I called it the ‘backside of the spiritual desert’. Continue reading

Marriage and Education

I met my former husband at a Christian concert when I was a senior in high school.  One night as we were praying, he looked at me and announced that the Lord wanted to know when we were going to talk about getting married!

We were married, but it was hardly the fairytale I’d dreamed of.  There were problems literally from the wedding night.  I was 19, and had never been on my own; he was 23 and had been on his own since he was 15; he thought he knew everything.  Since he was the man, he was the head of the house, so what he said was how it was going to Continue reading