Resolutions already tested!

Hey there!  How are all y’all?  I’m doing pretty well, although life is not like I thought it would be about now, lol.  Hopefully your New Year is shaping up beautifully, so far.  I realize we’re only a week in!  So, find a cuppa something.  Let’s see, today it’s Orange-Hazelnut Dark Hot Chocolate.  Then, find a comfy spot.  I’m on the sofa, dog curled up next to me, with my new favorite blankie – a fleece and super soft velour that I got for Christmas.  I’m settled in for a few minutes while I write.  Much calmer than the rest of this year has been already!  Continue reading


2016 Resolutions

Hey there!  How’s everybody?  It’s been a real zoo here, but there will be another post about that very soon.   Hopefully all y’all had a great Christmas, and a good New Year’s holiday.   I imagine everybody’s back to the grind – work, school, whatever.  So, take a minute, find a cuppa something (it’s snow and ice here right now!) and take five.  So, did y’all make any New Year’s resolutions?  What were they?  Do you think they will work or help?  I’ll tell you what I did this year.  Continue reading

Shepherd Me

Hello there!  Come on in, sit down, grab a cuppa something. The weather here this past week has ranged from single digits to the 70’s. Seriously. No wonder the weatherman can’t get it right.  Right now it’s very late (or very early, depending on how you look at it.   Just past midnight.  But I need to get this post out, so y’all don’t miss anything.  🙂

Last weekend, I lost a dear neighbor and friend, Judy.  Continue reading

Reckless Prodigal

Hey there!  C’mon over, grab a cuppa something hot and curl up someplace comfy.  I want to be really prodigal this year.  Sounds strange, huh?  Have you ever wondered what “Prodigal” meant?  You may have assumed, like I did, that it meant ‘wayward’.   After all, the story of the Prodigal Son in Continue reading