Hey, y’all!   How’s everybody doing?  Hopefully you’re enjoying your first taste of summer.  It was actually cold here yesterday – in June!  I needed a sweater, and my neighbor brought over some homemade vegetable soup.  Last week it was 93.  Grab a cuppa something hot or cold, depending on what you’re thirsty for, and find a comfy spot to relax a minute.  Small town life is just like I imagined, and yet completely different.  Going to college has been just like I imagined, and also totally Continue reading



Hey y’all!   How is everybody?  It’s been hot here.  So, repeat after me:  NEVER leave a child, pet or elderly person in the car, even for ‘just a minute’.  Thanks for noticing.   Now, grab a glass of something cold and find a comfy spot.   One of my favorite Bible stories is Mary anointing the feet of Jesus.  I’ve probably talked about her before, but recently had the opportunity to present a devotional, so it’s fresh.  That story is so rich, especially if you can get to the culture where it occurred.  Let’s go see! Continue reading

Who Shepherds the Shepherds?

Good morning!  At least it’s morning here right now.  Come on in!  Glad you’re here!   Grab a cuppa something – it’s a bit cool here today, so hot tea is my choice.  Find a comfy spot, and let me share what’s on my heart today.   Shepherds.  The kind that shepherd our souls.  Pastors, priests, bishops, elders, deacons, Sunday School teachers.  Continue reading


Hi there.  Welcome back!  If you’re new here, we all grab a cup of something hot or glass of something cold, then find a comfy place to relax for a few minutes.

Last fall, I began classes to join the Catholic Church.  That’s been quite a journey for a staunch Protestant of 40 years.  You can read about it in earlier blogs.  The shortest version is Drawn to Rome.

At Mass on the Sunday after our second class, they invited us up and gave us each a Continue reading

Puppy Love

Hey there!  Welcome to the adventure!  Not so adventurous today, though.   Grab a cuppa something suitable, and pick out a nice comfy spot.   Today is just for fun.  We’re still in February, still the ‘month of love’, so I’ll keep talking about love.  Literal puppy dog love.  I’m sitting here on the sofa, with my dog’s head stuck under my arm, in the crook of my elbow as I type this.  She’s a good girl, and I’m gone a lot.  Tonight she wants Continue reading

Reckless Prodigal

Hey there!  C’mon over, grab a cuppa something hot and curl up someplace comfy.  I want to be really prodigal this year.  Sounds strange, huh?  Have you ever wondered what “Prodigal” meant?  You may have assumed, like I did, that it meant ‘wayward’.   After all, the story of the Prodigal Son in Continue reading

Jetlag and Decompression

Hi there!  Hope y’all are doing well, and everybody is all ready for Thanksgiving.  I’m almost there, just need to pick up a couple of things at the store next week.  Thankfully, my daughter’s mom-in-love absolutely loves to cook and entertain, so we get to do all the get togethers at Mary’s.  Such a blessing!  For a little drive, I don’t have to do major cooking, cleaning beforehand or clean up after.  So, grab a cuppa something and get comfy, and let’s talk about just, stuff.  Continue reading