My Place

Hey out there!   How is everybody?   Hope all y’all are doing well!  Things here are busier than ever, lol.   That takes some doing!  Between traveling and getting ready to go to college, I have my plate pretty full!  But it’s all good stuff.   So, grab a glass of tea with me, and let’s find a soft, quiet spot to just sit still for a minute.   I’m reflecting a bit today on the past eight or nine months and what I’ve learned. Continue reading


Song of Songs

Hey there!   I know, I missed all last week.  Sorry!  Too busy, all sorts of things going on, no free time to write and blah, blah, blah.   I’m baaa-aaack!  So, grab a glass of tea (it’s been in the 90’s with 90% humidity here.  Think, ‘I walked outside into a sauna!’) and find a cool spot to sit and relax a minute.  I just returned from a weekend retreat at a beautiful place northwest of here.  They have 120 acres, secluded cabins, trails, and the teaching on prayer was excellent.  Let me share a bit of the weekend with you! Continue reading

Best Kept Secrets

Hi there!  Christmas is officially over, no matter what tradition you hold.  It’s still winter, it’s still cold out there, at least where I live here in the mid-west.  So, today, grab a cup of something warm and a snuggly favorite afghan or blanket and get cozy.  What do you think of when you hear ‘best kept secret’?   Do you know a place to travel?  A book to read?  A car to drive?  A restaurant out of the way?  A resource that most folks aren’t aware of?  I have a couple of things that I think about along these lines.

Continue reading

Dreams Do Come True

Hi there!   Wow, is it cold as I write this post!   But it’s January, so all is as it should be.  I’m snuggled up in a warm sweater, with a furry blanket on my legs, and the dog curled up next to me.  And hot spiced tea.  Yummers!    Get yourself situated in a comfy spot, and let’s talk about dreams.  Do you believe dreams can come true?   Do you have any dreams – long term stuff?  Have you given up?   Let me tell you an incredible story… Continue reading