Change in the Wind

Hey y’all!   How’s everybody doing?  I’m doing great… just a bit over-busy.  What’s new?  School starts tomorrow – Tuesday.  I’m taking 18 hours of Theology classes, including my first ever course in Latin.   I’ve had several Spanish classes, and did some medical transcription in the past, so hopefully Latin won’t kill me right off the bat.  😉  The weather’s changing, but it can’t make up its mind what it’s going to do.  Saturday it was in the mid 70’s and delightful!   Today, we were back into the 90’s and suffocating from the high humidity that came with it today.  Anyway, grab a cuppa or glass of something cold, to suit your weather, and find a comfy spot to relax!  Continue reading



Hey y’all!   How is everybody?  I understand it’s been really hot back in Kansas, and I know it’s been flooding like crazy not far from here, just over into West Virginia.  People here are complaining of how hot it is, but the temps are only in the upper 80’s.  The problem is the humidity.  Like a sauna!  So, find something cool to drink and a cool dry place to relax a minute!  My pastor once remarked that there was no telling what thoughts were percolating through my head.  Percolating is a good word.  Continue reading

Breakfast with Richard

Hey y’all!   I know, two days in a row!  How is everybody?  Hopefully all y’all are doing well.  It’s two weeks after Easter, and it’s SNOWING here.  Yep.   The snow is really wet, but it’s light, like pretty frosting on the grass and trees.   It did kill the beautiful magnolia blossoms, though.  One of the largest magnolias I’d ever seen was up here in Ohio.  Grab a cuppa or a glass of tea, and find a comfy spot to relax.  I’m in the mood to share. Continue reading

Ms Shirline

Hi there! Glad you’re here! How is everybody? Hope all y’all are doing well. Grab a glass of tea or something, and find a comfy place to relax a minute. I wanna talk about a lady I work with at the retreat center.  Ms. Shirline just turned 80, and she certainly knows how to celebrate!  I think everyone who knows her has attempted to wine and dine her this past month.  She deserves it, though!  Let me tell you about this great lady. Continue reading

Government. Ugh? or Amen!

Hey there!   How is everybody?   Grab a glass of tea and find someplace comfy.  Put your feet up for a minute!  It’s been pretty cool here today, we had some storms last night and are expecting storms and rain for the rest of the week, I guess.  I’ve lived in Kansas all my life, so storms don’t generally bother me.  Last night, it was bad enough that I gathered things together and took the dog to the basement.   It pretty much blew through, and THEN the sirens went off. Continue reading

Why Catholic? – Part Three

Hi there!  You’re back for more?  I’m glad.  I promise this is the last of this series.  I never intended to take three posts to answer that question, but hopefully those who asked have a better idea.  I think I explain myself better in writing.  So, grab your beverage and a relaxing spot, and let’s finish the explanation.  Then I need to get some sleep.  It’s been a long week.

What about ‘once saved, always saved’?  Continue reading

Why Catholic? – Part One

Hey there!   Hope y’all are doing well!   Grab a cuppa and find a comfy spot, and I’ll do my best to answer the question.  It’s no secret that I joined the Catholic Church this past Easter.  I thought most folks knew.  Apparently I was mistaken, and I’ve had several express some disappointment.  Some who knew have expressed downright puzzlement.  Continue reading