What do you want?

Hey there!  How are all y’all doing?  Things are going pretty well here.  It’s been cloudy all weekend, but not much rain.  That’s actually okay here.  I was able to take a beautiful drive through an impossible detour to meet with my spiritual director this afternoon.  We sat at a small table at the edge of a little pond, surrounded on the far side by trees and teeming with fish and dragonflies.  It was such a beautiful and peaceful setting. It was a bit warm, but cloudy, with a cool breeze rippling the surface of the water, so it was quite pleasant.  Grab a glass of sweet tea or something and find a relaxing spot!  Continue reading


Roadblock to Freedom – Stuff

Hey y’all!   How is everybody?  I’m doing pretty well.  I just need somebody to come hold my hand and talk to me while I move stuff from one box (unpacking) to another (donations).  Lucky you!  Grab a cuppa something and let’s get to work!  You can sit and relax while I work this weekend.  Continue reading

Where’s the peace?

Hey there!  How is everybody?   Hope everyone is doing all right.  This fall is anything but peaceful if you look at my schedule.   But I have some ways to keep the peace.  Wanna talk about them?  Great!   Grab a cuppa cider or whatever your favorite is (Apple cinnamon hot tea, anyone?)  and find a comfy spot to snuggle in and relax.  Remember the old commercial, “Where’s the beef?” for the hamburger chain?   Sometimes I wonder, do we have a ‘beef’ keeping us from having peace?  Are we upset about something or someone all the time, so we have no peace?  Let’s take a little deeper look! Continue reading