Something About Mary

Hello and welcome!  If you’ve been following along, you know that I see threads of faith running through everything in life.  Those threads are what I’ve chosen to blog about.  I find wonderful direction, comfort and friendships in my Christian faith.  I hope you can find those things right along with me.  So, grab some tea and get comfy!

After I was drawn to the Catholic faith, I had the two usual hang ups- The Eucharist and Mary.  The Eucharist resolved Continue reading


Whose Money is it, Anyway?

Hi there!   Glad you chose to step in and brave the topic.  Tomorrow is payday, so I was thinking about money.  Get your favorite beverage and grab a comfy seat.  Relax.  Smile.  Ready?  Great!

Okay, so I know nobody likes to talk about money unless it’s coming to them.  But did you know that Jesus talked more about money than Continue reading

A Veiled Heart Unveiled

Welcome!  Grab your tea or coffee, and get comfy.  Today might get a bit deep, but it’s a great story.  At least it’s been a great story for me!

I was at a worship conference in 2000 and Charlie Hall (Passion Band) was leading a seminar in a small room of about 25 people or so.

He spoke of intimacy with God, then about having a ‘veil’ over the heart, blocking us from Continue reading