Something About Mary

Hello and welcome!  If you’ve been following along, you know that I see threads of faith running through everything in life.  Those threads are what I’ve chosen to blog about.  I find wonderful direction, comfort and friendships in my Christian faith.  I hope you can find those things right along with me.  So, grab some tea and get comfy!

After I was drawn to the Catholic faith, I had the two usual hang ups- The Eucharist and Mary.  The Eucharist resolved Continue reading


Visual Worship

Hi there!  Glad you decided to join us!  As always, grab your favorite beverage and a comfy spot and let’s chat!

I love visual cues to worship.  It’s part of using my entire body to worship the Lord.  Before I dive in, I want to compare the ‘Catholic’ with the ‘Protestant’ Continue reading

Whose Money is it, Anyway?

Hi there!   Glad you chose to step in and brave the topic.  Tomorrow is payday, so I was thinking about money.  Get your favorite beverage and grab a comfy seat.  Relax.  Smile.  Ready?  Great!

Okay, so I know nobody likes to talk about money unless it’s coming to them.  But did you know that Jesus talked more about money than Continue reading

A Veiled Heart Unveiled

Welcome!  Grab your tea or coffee, and get comfy.  Today might get a bit deep, but it’s a great story.  At least it’s been a great story for me!

I was at a worship conference in 2000 and Charlie Hall (Passion Band) was leading a seminar in a small room of about 25 people or so.

He spoke of intimacy with God, then about having a ‘veil’ over the heart, blocking us from Continue reading