Symbolism in my Icon

Hey, y’all!   Hope everyone is doing well!   This is a continuation of “Iconography Adventures” if you want to know some background.  It’s been hot and rainy here, sort of tropical.  And those noisy cicadas!  So grab a glass of something cool, find a dry and comfy (quiet!) spot to relax, and let’s continue with the Adventure of going back to college in midlife!

My piece was unusual.  Imagine that.  The professor was open to new representations, as long as they were reverent and meaningful.  He kept saying, “Hmmm… I don’t think that’s been done before…”  Continue reading


Something About Mary

Hello and welcome!  If you’ve been following along, you know that I see threads of faith running through everything in life.  Those threads are what I’ve chosen to blog about.  I find wonderful direction, comfort and friendships in my Christian faith.  I hope you can find those things right along with me.  So, grab some tea and get comfy!

After I was drawn to the Catholic faith, I had the two usual hang ups- The Eucharist and Mary.  The Eucharist resolved Continue reading